Almanzor route through five lagoons of Gredos

We return to Gredos to perform the Almanzor route through five lagoons. And why do we go around so much? Simply to visit the most beautiful places in the mountains and spend a night through the impressive 5 Lagoons, much less crowded than the Laguna Grande.

Five Lagoons of Gredos

Route to Almanzor through five lagoons in the Sierra de Gredos

Today we comment one of the most complete routes of the Sierra de Gredos. The route to Almanzor by five lagoons, starting from the platform and ending in Navalperal de Tormes. A route to make in two days and with two vehicles, although we can take a taxi to move between the platform and the parking of five lagoons.

Almanzor map and five lagoons

The idea is to leave from the parking of the platform (Navacepeda de Tormes) at 1750m in the direction of the Laguna Grande. From there, take the five lagoon detour through the Portilla del Rey (2362m) and set up the tent between the 4th and 5th lagoons. Once mounted, climb the Almanzor (2591m) and the Galana (2572m) and then return and sleep in the lagoons (2090m). The next day we will return by Navalperal de Tormes (1250m).

Image taken in spring

We leave around 10:30 in the morning from the Gredos platform after previously leaving one of our vehicles in the parking lot of the five lagoons in Navalperal. It is an atypical summer day, with temperatures that do not exceed 20 degrees and with continuous risk of rain.

We take the road to Laguna Grande, passing by the bridge of the river Pozas, very close to the Black Walls, until you reach the source of the Cavadores to make the first stop along the way. We continue to the viewpoint of the Laguna Grande from where you can see the Portilla del Rey, the step that will take us to the five lagoons. We can also see the Almanzor, one of our goals.

Laguna Grande

We go down the Barrerones until we reach the lagoon (1h30 '), where instead of bordering it on the left, we take the detour towards the 5 lagoons. This borders the north of the lagoon until you find the path that goes to the Gargantón meadows. From there you can ascend to Nevada Head or cross the Hatch of the King (2362m), our destiny.

Almanzor for five lagoons

The road is well marked by landmarks, continuously along the right bank of the stream that descends from the Laguna Grande, and always uphill. First a very apparent zig zag is passed and later we arrive at a valley where the Nevada Head is clearly seen on clear days ...

Almanzor for five lagoons

Reaching the King's gate (3h35 ') is not complicated, just follow the path marked with milestones since there are not many apparent detours. The head of Nevada is difficult to see, so it does not usually mislead. To emphasize that this section is very beautiful, full of mountain goats and incredible views of the Black Risco and the Hill of the Orchards.

Portilla del Rey

After crossing the Portilla del Rey we will see 3 of the five lagoons. We go to the last two to camp between the 4th and 5th lagoon, the Cimera lagoon and the lagoon of the Galana (4h20 ').

Getting off the Portilla del Rey

A place where there are many bivouac and where sadly people do not respect that it is in the mountains. There is sometimes a lot of noise and as always someone leaves some garbage ... Even so the site is beautiful.

Cimera Lagoon

We ate and took a good nap (2h….). Overall, we had to climb the Almanzor and we had to go strong. 6h40 'have passed and we set off to climb the Almanzor.

Climbing from the Cimera lagoon

We take the path that goes up to the Gutre lagoon at 2350m (7h15 '). A section where you have to cross large blocks of stone that measure our balance step by step.

Gutre Lagoon

We cross the Gutre cliffs leaving the Galana on our left and going up a ramp full of stones up to 2521m high (7h53 '). Be careful with the ramp because the slope slips a lot and it is easy for the stones to come off and hit us.

Almanzor for five lagoons

10 minutes later we pass by the porthole of the Venteadero with the magnificent Pablo Ameal to our left A rock monster that shadows Almanzor himself.

Hill of the orchards, Almeal de Pablo….

From there we cross the Ballesteros knife by its left margin (east side) until we pass the Hatch of the Cowards and from there place ourselves at the base of the Almanzor.

Almanzor for five lagoons

We begin the last meters, going up a well-marked channel until we find two steps where we have to climb a stretch of little difficulty but that entails risks. Extreme caution must be taken as the fall could be fatal.

Top of the Almanzor

Once these two sections have passed, especially the last one we will find the top of the Almanzor (8h47 '). Be careful if there is wind ... From there we return along the same path, with the option of going up to the Galana and from there to the Five Lagoons to have dinner and take the well-deserved rest.

Almanzor for five lagoons

Practical data

When to go

A route to do especially in summer. In winters the conditions are very different and experience in mountaineering is required.

How to go to the Navalperal de Tormes car park

If we come from Hoyos del Espino, when we pass through Navalperal we must cross it until the end until we see the sign of “path of the five lagoons”. This will cause us to cross the entire town in the opposite direction. In the end the street will start down until you find a road that will leave us in the same parking lot.

How to go to the platform

From Hoyos del Espino there is a detour where there are statues with Gredos goats. Once we take it, we must go to the end of the paved road. The parking has a cost of 3€.

Camping in 5 Lagoons

Camping in 5 lagoons should take place at dusk and lift the tent at dawn. Unfortunately, large and very loud groups can arrive. In general, garbage is not left but there are always clueless people ... Ideally, camping between the 4th and 5th lagoons or between the 3rd and 4th.


Long route which must be taken calmly. There is plenty of water on the road but very little shade. The terrain in general is rocky and in some places you have to use your hands to move forward. The last steps of the Almanzor are the most critical and if there are doubts it is better not to do it.

Material we carry

In summer this point of the mountains is usually very dry and very hot. For the material we recommend

  • Long pants recommended.
  • Polarized sunglasses and cap
  • Solar protection
  • Water in quantity and food.
  • Stove and utensils
  • Map / GPS
  • Tent and sleeping bag for comfort temperature of 5 degrees. A summer bag is not worth it.
  • Impervious jacket and windbreaker.
  • Frontal
  • 50l backpack
  • Mute to spare

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