Tarragona Key Points of the City

Last May was celebrated in the city of Tarragona heTravelBloggersMeeting 2013, a space that unites travel bloggers from both Spain and abroad with the aim of sharing experiences and making new places known.

Taking advantage of the event we had the opportunity to enjoy Tarragona and its many points of interest. I personally did not know the city and it was a true discovery to walk through its old town and find the lots of surprises that the city kept.

Roman amphitheater

Tarragona Key Points of the City

Tarragona He is known for his Roman past. By name TarracoThe exact date of its foundation is unknown, but it was during the Roman invasion that it became an important city within the Mediterranean area.

Tarraco was capital of Tarraconensis, one of the three provinces of which it was composed Hispania. The other two, Lusitania and Bética, were governed by Augusta Emérita (Mérida) and Córdoba.

His Roman past left the most important monuments of the city among which are the Roman amphitheater, the walls, remains of the circus and all the archaeological remains shown in the museum of Plaça del Rei.

He Roman amphitheater It was built very close to the sea at the end of the 2nd century AD. It was the main point of events where all kinds of struggles of gladiators And animals. With the subsequent departure of the Romans, part of the amphitheater, mainly the capacity, was used to build temples of Christian character. In fact, a church was built on its foundations, but at the beginning of the 20th century it was demolished.

Today, most of the Amphitheater has been rebuilt and theater plays, concerts and gladiatorial fighting simulations are performed.

Archeological Museum

Very close to the Amphitheater is the Plaça del Rei and the Praetorian Tower, place of reception of the Archaeological Museum of Tarragona and where we could enjoy the Human Towers called Castells. This tower was used to communicate the interior of the city with the provincial forum. The museum consists of 4 floors distributed in several rooms. It consists of sculptures, portraits, busts, mosaics, amphorae, urns and many other things. Personally, what I liked the most was the Sarcophagus of Hippolytus.

King's Square - Pretori Tower

In the tourist office we ask about the famous mural painted on the facade of a building. Curiously, it was not indicated in the tourist plan and they told us that it was located in the Plaça dels Sedassos. It was painted by Carlos Arola in 1995 which made a self-portrait on top of the Catalan flag.

Plaça dels Sedassos

Leaving the historic center, not forgetting to visit the Cathedral, I recommend you to stroll through the Rambla Nova. It is one of the widest streets in the city and its central part is enabled to walk. In it you will find the centenary fountain, at the foot of one of the tallest buildings in the city. Below, in the direction of the bus station, there is a monument dedicated to the castells.

Centenari Font

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Practical data of Tarragona

When to go to Tarragona?

The Roman Festival of Tarragona (Living tarraco) is celebrated during the month of May. The theater plays, recreations in the Roman amphitheater, exhibitions and various cultural activities of a Roman nature.

The rest of the year is also a good time to visit the city, especially in summer to enjoy its beaches and the nearby Port Aventura.

How to get to Tarragona?

Tarragona is very well connected both by road and by train. It has a high-speed train station 20 minutes from the city.

Where to stay in Tarragona?

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