The best photographs of the month of October

The best photographs of the month of October. Last month we showed you various places in Spain such as Guadarrama and Gredos, Navarra and its Bardenas Reales, Urbión and the Canary Islands, with the little busy Pico Viejo. In addition, Senegal was present with the island of Goree, Nicaragua with the Pearl Lagoon and Morocco, with the imposing Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa.

The best of October

Here are a selection of the photos that you can see in the trips of the month of October.

Canary Islands. Trekking to the Pico Viejo

Everyone thinking about him Teide when right next to it there is a volcano of more than 3,000m much less visited with a spectacular crater and with some of the best views of the island of Tenerife.

Old Peak

Gredos Almanzor, the roof of the central system

One of the classics of Spanish geography, the Almanzor the highest summit of Gredos, one of the best mountain ranges in Spain for hiking.


Guadarrama Hiking to the San Mamés stream

Madrid, although it is one of the most populated areas in Spain, can always hide charming places like this, the Chorrera de San Mamés.

The San Mares chorrera

Iberian system Ascent to Urbión Peak

The third highest peak of the Central System behind Moncayo and San Lorenzo, and also one of the most visited due to the famousBlack Lagoon

Urbion Peaks

Navarre. The desert of the Bardenas Reales

A desert in the north of Spain?. More than that, a place for hiking, 4 × 4 and mountain biking.

Bardenas reales
Bardenas reales

Nicaragua. The Pearl Lagoon

Sometimes there is no better place than the one that makes you feel alone and free. The Pearl Lagoon, in the Nicaraguan Caribbean, it is not only difficult to reach them, but also, you can enjoy the Miskito villages and dream islands within an incomparable marci.

Miskito towns
Miskito towns

Senegal. Goree Island

Goree Island is what it was Dakar, a small town with colonial air and mud streets where children play among baobabs.

Goree Island

Gredos Trekking in the Mira

Ice waterfalls in winter and a perfect place to enjoy their pools during the summer with the possibility of being able to make one of the best day trekking What's in Gredos.

Jumping a channel towards the Mira

Toubkal The roof of North Africa

When the mountain is already tanned, one of the first challenges outside Spain is the Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, where the customs of Morocco and the high mountains come together to give a strange atmosphere but difficult to describe.

Les Mouflons refuge