New Zealand. The spectacular Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier The South Island of New Zealand it is a land of great mountains with large glacial extensions among which is the Fox Glacier/Fox glacier. It may be less visited than your neighborFranz Josef Glacier, but if you have a few hours you can visit both in a single day, with the surprise that Fox Glacier has the best views.

Fox Glacier - What to see in Fox Glacier

The route

Fox Glacier / Fox Glacier It has an extension of 13 kilometers born at 2600 meters high and ending at only 300 meters altitude. This is a great advantage since to visit the tongue of the glacier we just have to walk, around 2 kilometers scarce from the parking lot, so if you feel like there are a number of additional itineraries that offer great views.

Fox Glacier - New Zealand

After our visit to the tourist QueensTown and close a circle of emotions in the area of ​​the Fjords, such as the sublimeDoubtful Sound, we decided to set course for one of the least populated areas of New Zealand, the West Coast of the South Island. After driving just over an hour we arrived at the town of Wanaka and its beautiful lake. From here we obtained information from the Glaciers and the state of the roads, an important note for those who travel in winter.

And here came another problem, after what happened inMilford sound… Another road cut due to a avalanche At the port of Haast. This led us to remember that we are in New Zealand and that its roads are scarce and with few resources. We were told that at least 1 week would take to open it so we had no choice but to take another route located nothing more and nothing less than 400km... Everything for a detachment ... Not everything went wrong, since this unforeseen event made us know the area of ​​the Mount cook and the passage of Arthur Pass, two very interesting points. Fixed the unexpected, we arrived the next day to the area of Fox Glacier.

Fox Glacier - New Zealand

And finally we arrive at the coveted parking after so much kilometer. The first thing that hits us is how close the Glacier language!! A very well signposted and careful road takes us directly to that point. This has sometimes been cut by the rise of the stream that descends from the glacier, especially when torrential rains fall and the flow grows rapidly.

From this perspective we can observe how the glacier slowly descends from the mountain, unlike Franz Josef that in its last meters plummets. This has its advantages and the best of all is the possibility of walking along the glacier, as long as we carry the appropriate material or we have hired a guide for that end.

Fox Glacier - New Zealand

As we ascend the last ramp we see the path that the glacier took hundreds of years ago ... and think that we are only a few kilometers from the sea ...

By the way, allow me a subsection. along the rock walls shown in the photo above, there is a route that leads to a lookout It was closed during our visit. This route is not made from the last parking lot, but from a previous one that is halfway along the route and runs through a subtropical forest and several Hanging bridges.

Fox Glacier - New Zealand

And finally we arrived !! Right at the foot of the Glacier, which inFranz Josef Glacier you need some good binoculars to enjoy the huge Seracs. We were lucky to see how a large block of ice broke off producing a deafening noise that could be heard in much of the valley.

Fox Glacier - New Zealand

Well, the comments, if you visitFranz Josef Glacier and don't take the Helicopter, do not hesitate to visit Fox Glacier since you will like it more. Fran Josef is difficult to enjoy if you don't hire a walk on the glacier, but certainly this experience is one of those that leave a mark.

Nearby excursions

Since the trip to Fox Glacier is relatively short, it is possible that your plans to go to Franz Josef have them for the next day. Well do not be discouraged, you have some interesting areas in the surroundings to visit. We recommend you visit the Matheson Lake and cross the 50-minute path that runs through a Sub Tropical Forest, incredible when we are just a few kilometers from a Glacier.

Lake matheson

Practical data - Tips in Fox Glacier

Before leaving for New Zealand

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  • New Zealand map

When to go?

We visited the place in September and as you can see in the photographs the main road was clear of snow. If you leave this one, it is possible that during the winter the accesses are closed and prohibit the passage to the rest of the routes, but this seems complicated to be cut. If you do not want complications, the ideal is to visit it between the months of October and April.

How to get?

Usually people visit theFranz Josef Glacier and goes to another place. If you have time do not hesitate to travel the 23 kilometers that separate both places since as I previously commented, the views are top that Franz Josef.

What to wear

Simply comfortable shoes and some warm clothes during the winter months.

Where to sleep?

When traveling by car caravan we opted for a Holiday Park of the chain Top 10, which by the way was full of Europeans, mainly Spanish and Italian. An ideal place to meet people especially in the community kitchen. I remember talking to Australians who were eating some mussels how much they had to envy the Galicians 😀.

Public transport to reach Fox Glacier

There are at least two bus companies that operate from Queenstown at least a couple of times a day. The companies are Intercity Coachlines Y Atomic Shuttles. There is also service from Nelson Y Christchurch.

Travel insurance

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