France. The walled city of Carcassonne

A month of July runs hot like so many others and we decided to make a small trip to the south of France with the main objective of visiting the walled city ofCarcassonne, that World Heritage Site that we have talked about so much and sometimes we compare with Spanish cities such as Ávila or Pray for its beauty. However, we must be aware that visiting the Gaul country on these dates has its consequences and what we will notice most are the agglomerations. But don't be discouraged, Carcassonne is a place that is worth it even with a lot of people.

The walled city of Carcassonne

The walled city of Carcassonne

Carcassonne As a city it is quite large, with a population close to 50,000 inhabitants, which lives mainly outside the walled part, since they occupy a rather small space compared to the rest of the city. It is located in the region of Languedoc-Rousillon, border with Spain.

It is not known for sure on what date this was foundedwalled city, but like so many others, this is supposed to be lifted over the several millennia before Christ, but it was not until Roman times that it became an important town.

The walls, like so many others, have been restored many times, but we can still see part of the walls built by the Romans and later the Visigoths.

The walled city of Carcassonne

Our visit to Carcassonne

We arrived with the intention of spending the whole day, but the multitude of stops we made along the way only left us one afternoon to enjoy Carcassonne. For starters and of course, the historic center is closed to motorized vehicles, which they have several parkings located next to the main entrances. The problem ... it's summer :-D, and as expected they were crowded. There were so many people that all the roads 1/2 kilometers around were full of cars thrown in the gutters. In our case, we had to park it on the hills that are south of the city, right from where the best views of the city are provided and where the vineyards are located.

After this unexpected trekking, we arrived at the entrance of the city and quickly realized that the streets of the city were collapsed in crowds. This meant that we would not have time to visit its museums due to the queues, but at least one walk through this beautiful city was not taken away by anyone. Too bad we couldn't get good pictures. ** WAKE UP **

The walled city of Carcassonne

We enter through the Narbonnaise Gate, very close to the city cemetery. As soon as you pass through the door on the right you have the Tourist Office. With or without a map, it is best to get lost in the city and find architectural jewels by surprise. We went along the right side until we reached the Chateau, which you can photograph from outside without having to buy the ticket. We do not enter for time, but it is surely worth your visit.


He Chateau It is a point where many musicians come together so you can enjoy a beautiful evening while you have a coffee on a terrace. After delighting our ears we headed to the Basilica, Located in the south of the city. Your entry is free and it is located next to a beautiful square where having an ice cream under the scorching sun is a pleasure. Behind is the Jean Deschamps Theater, generally closed pending events.

Basilica of Saint-Nazaire et Saint-Celse

We only had to take a walk through the rest of the streets of the city and buy the odd souvenir. As is tradition in this type of French cities, we will have streets everywhere to buy any object related to the city. It gives the impression that everyone lives from tourism in this part of the city.

The walled city of Carcassonne

Finally, we went through the passage of Pettit Puits and we stayed between the two walls that line the city, where a group of horse-drawn wagons go around.

City Walls

Undoubtedly the best thing was to climb to the top of the walls (what memories of Avila) and think about our next walled city, Aigues Mortes, another of the jewels of the region but much less visited than Carcassonne.

City Walls

Too bad we can't tell you more things because we were very short in the city. Surely it keeps interesting things, and not only the walled part but in the rest of the big city.

Practical data on Carcassonne

When to go to Carcassonne?

Our recommendation is to avoid the high season (Easter and summer months), the rest of the months you can enjoy the city with much more freedom.

How to get to Carcassonne?

It is located betweenToulouse andNarbonne, well connected by highway and high-speed train. The latter has opened a new route to Spain.

Cost of Carcassonne tickets

Entering the walled city is free. You only have to pay for certain places like the Chateau, which usually opens until 6:30 pm in summer, closing the ticket office 30 minutes before. The cost is € 8.50 and children under 18 accompanied by their families will have free admission.

Where to park in Carcassonne?

Fundamental section due to the large influx of tourists. There are currently 4 parkings public, all located in the eastern part of the city, near the Narbonnaise GateThe rest of the car parks, those located next to the wall are private and are intended for people staying in the city.

Excursions from Carcassonne

A recommended excursion from Carcassonne It's going to another walled city like Aues Mortes.

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