El Castañar de El Tiemblo in autumn (Route and tips)

Going to Castañar de El Tiemblo in autumn is one of the best plans you can make to enjoy this time of year if you live near Ávila or Madrid. We talk about a walk or an easy, ideal route to go with family or with children, where chestnuts, mushrooms and golden, yellow and green colors merge to create a fairy forest environment.

Visiting the Castañar de El Tiemblo

The Castañar in autumn

During the November bridge we visited the Castañar de El Tiemblo, the best time to enjoy this beautiful place. It is the moment where a forest becomes a picturesque landscape, almost fairy tale. It is the time when the roads are filled with dry leaves and small "hedgehogs" full of chestnuts.

Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn
Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn

The chestnut trees wear the forest of orange, gold and yellow colors and the light barely penetrates the forest, where the few sun rays that make it create almost magical trails. It is a unique experience, more than recommended, especially if you are a lover of forests, nature and fall colors.

Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn
Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn

In search of chestnuts

In autumn, besides walking on the thousands of leaves that cover the forest, there are chestnuts, where every year families with their baskets They walk through the forest collecting all they can. In the end it is almost like a game, since the chestnuts that arise here are somewhat bitter, at least the ones we took.

Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn
Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn

Visit the chestnut

Arriving at Castañar del El Tiemblo

To access the Castañar de El Tiemblo you have to take a road that leaves from one of the town's roundabouts. From there about 15 min by a mountain road, asphalted part and part of land, you get to the chestnut car park (more information in the end in practical data). In autumn, high season, the parking lot is full, so it is convenient to get up early to enjoy this place in solitude and silence.

Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn
Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn

Circular route through the chestnut

The view to the Castañar of El Tiemblo is done walking from the parking lot, where a circular route very well signposted Ideal to go with children, flat and without difficulty. The whole route is through a wide path between huge chestnut trees and it is convenient to bring water and food, since there is nothing possible to buy.

The route begins as soon as you leave a wooden bridge in the direction of Majalavilla Shelter, surrounded by young chestnut trees and the occasional pine tree with more than 30m height. Not far from there is one of the attractions of the forest is the oldest specimen, the so-called Grandpa, a copy where it is possible to take a picture inside because of its size.

Majalavilla Shelter

We have to say that we are lonely road lovers, where nature is shown as it is, but a place so accessible and so beautiful makes it an almost impossible mission. In the middle of November bridge, when we went, practically the parking lot was full and although the forest is huge it was difficult not to hear the screaming and the voices of all who were in the chestnut. If for you it is not a nuisance, perfect, but if you are looking for something more intimate avoid bridges And the weekends.

Chestnut tree from El Tiemblo in autumn
Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn

Past El Abuelo a stream is surrounded and the highest point of the castañar is reached, the Gorge of the Yedra, where visitors usually rest and lie down to enjoy good views. There we met a group that was taking a photography course, so it is clear that this place is a good place to practice.

From the Gorge of the Yedra to the parking lot are about 15 minutes, where just halfway there are a couple of the most beautiful and largest specimens of the forest. Recommendable!.

Chestnut from El Tiemblo in autumn
Castañar from El Tiemblo in autumn

It is advisable to go in the fall, but on weekends it is full of people and loses some of its charm since a visitor limit has not been established (or at least it is too large). We still do not understand how the city council does not set limits. Even so, the place is beautiful and deserves to meet him.

Practical data

When to go?

The best time to visit the Castañar de El Tiemblo is the fall, the time when chestnuts show their particular color and when chestnuts overflow on any path of the forest. Evidently autumn is the time where more tourists approach, so if you are looking for tranquility maybe it is better to go during the week or at another time.

How to get?

El Tiemblo is in the province of Ávila, on the edge of the province of Madrid. To be able to arrive by car we recommend:

  • Since Ávila take the N403 towards the Burguillo Reservoir. It will not take you more than 45min by car.
  • If you come fromMadrid You can go on the M501 towards San Martín de Valdeiglesias, an hour and a half from the capital.

Once in the Tremble, if you come from Madrid, in the second roundabout on the left You will see a sign to put El Castañar. From the roundabout the entrance where the entrance is charged is less than 1km. Then the chestnut from the entrance about 10 minutes by car.

Route to the Castañar de El Tiemblo

How much?

Both in autumn and on weekends you have to pay admission. This leaves at € 2 per person and € 6 per car, although it can be climbed from the bus entrance for € 2 all inclusive.

Where to eat and pay homage

  • Rest. There we ate real homemade food. They were also super friendly, something that is appreciated in these times
  • Mariano House. If you eat a lot this is your place. The dishes are giant and the amount worth taking a taper

Where to sleep

Here are our recommendations:

  • The Posada del Agua, with incredible views of the reservoir. From 79 €
  • Rural tourism Iruelas Valley. Rural apartments from € 76 per night
  • More hotels or country houses near El Tiemblo

If you want to rent a car

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