Sierra de Cazorla. Hanging towards the Aguilón del loco

Sierra de Cazorla. Hanging towards him Gable of the Madman. In this beautiful corner of Jaén there is a legend where a madman from Quesada waited for the moon on the mountain to catch. After several days of waiting some villagers found the dead and icy madman, waiting without having reached the beautiful moon.
We start from Madrid, in the direction of the Sierra de Cazorla, to start a weekend camping trip to one of the best places for hiking in Andalusia.

Dusk in Cazorla

The route in the Sierra de Cazorla

We depart on a Friday from Madrid to Quesada on the A4 Highway, a journey that takes at least 3 and a half hours to the base of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park.

If you leave in the afternoon like us, a good option is to sleep in a pension in Quesada or to camp At the beginning of the route under the walls that form this peculiar mountain, ideal for shelter if it will rain.

The duration of the crossing if you decide to camp is oftwo nights, although it is possible to do it starting from Quesada in one day in just over 10h.


The route starts from a road along the road A-6206 in the direction Mr. Pedro since Quesada for him Tíscar port. Halfway there is an exit on a dirt road where it is possible to leave the car.

Parking the car

Once the night is convenient ascend early especially in summer, since the heat in this area can bring some fright if there is not enough water, since there is practically no shelter until the end of the first day of the crossing.

Sierra de Cazorla

During the first day you climb a long ridge, the Loma del Rayal, always leaving Quesada on the left and an impressive view of the area and the Sierra de Cazorla. The soil in the area is very stony and it is common to find both goats, wild boar or deer during the entire tour, especially in the area of ​​the second camping.


At the end of the tour, shortly before reaching the Crazy gable, you have to take a path to the right to reach a small Valley, a small green respite with a stream that crosses it and a multitude of pine trees. It is possibly the best place to camp because it is between two mountains, there is water and above all, there are many trees that make a roof if it rains.

Fauna in Cazorla

Shortly before nightfall many animals roamed our tent, perhaps somewhat surprised because people usually decide not to camp in this area of ​​the Sierra de Cazorla.

The next day you just have to follow the stream until you find a road that goes to several farms until you reach the road A-6206. Being a circular route, our goal is to return to where we left the car, but to access it we must travel about 2km on asphalt, perhaps not a good end, but deserved by the amount of diversity That has this route.

Good job !!