Scotland castles to visit

On our last trip toBritain we visited several scotland castles from different eras and in very different places. Located on islands, on the edge of deep cliffs, on the banks of lakes, with their traditional moat or even more modern cut that make them authentic palaces.

Scotland castles to visit - Glamis Castle

Castles of Scotland to visit and charming

Tour all scotland castles It may require months. There is such a number that it is very difficult to cover all of them in depth and on a 15-day trip like ours we hardly had time to see a few. That is why we simply select a few because we had to combine it with other types of activities. Hiking in Scotland, visit to abbeys, charming cities, spectacular landscapes such as that of Mull or Skye, ..., etc.

Scotland castles to visit

Many are castles that take little time to see and others you need to devote a whole morning. Some more beautiful than others, and honestly some that visually do not attract attention if we compare it with more national castles, but given its historical importance they are worth a visit. yes, all of them are paid and you have to pay a ticket which in some cases can be high.

Eilean Donan castle

Let's start with the most famous castle in Scotland and possibly all of Great Britain with permission to the Tower of London. The Eilean Donan castle has been the image of numerous films, the cover of tourism magazines, the brand image of a renowned brand of whiskey and much more. Its image is impressive giving the impression of being suspended on an island on a lake.

Scotland castles to visit - Elian Donan Castle

The curious thing that is in a sea inlet and as such has tides. In the morning it sits on a peninsula and in the afternoon it becomes part of an island.

  • Nearest town: Kyle of Lochalsh
  • Entrance fee: 10 pounds.
  • Schedule: 09: 30/10: 00AM until 16: 00/18: 00 depending on the month.

Edinburgh Castle

Named like that although from the outside since it looks more like a fortress or even a palace. Its location is spectacular, similar to that of Stirling Castle, but in this case in the middle of a city like Edinburgh. The castle is really important as it houses important museums and even the crown jewels of the ancient kings of Scotland (Honors of Scotland). There is also the famous Scone Stone used in the coronation of the Scottish kings, therefore a place of high historical value.

Scotland castles to visit - Edinburgh Castle

Being in Edinburgh we must wait for big lines and the ideal is that we enter first thing in the morning. For example, the average wait to see the jewels can be 30 minutes and at the ticket office more of the same, so it is convenient to buy tickets in advance.

  • Nearest town: Edinburgh
  • Entrance fee: 19.5 pounds (online is cheaper).
  • Schedule: 09:30 until 18:00. In winter the hours are shorter.

See tour of Edinburgh Castle

Stirling Castle

Another of the jewels of Scotland and also the most visited if we are left wanting more not being too far from Edinburgh. It is historical because it has lived very important chapters in the history of Scotland, especially in relation to the fight against the English. In fact not far from here Willian Wallace, the famous Braveheart from the movie, he defeated the English for the first time.

Scotland castles to visit - Stirling Castle
  • Nearest town: Stirling
  • Entrance fee: 16 pounds
  • Schedule: 09:30 until 18:00. In winter the hours are shorter.

See tour of Stirling Castle

Caerlaverock Castle

This is the typical castle with a moat full of almost perfect water. It is near the territorial boundary between Scotland and England and not so far from the Hadrian's Wall so we can visit several things in the same day.

Scotland castles to visit - Caerlaverock
  • Nearest town: Dumfries
  • Entrance fee: 6 pounds
  • Schedule: 09:30 until 17:30. In winter the hours are shorter.

Craigmillar Castle

It is a little visited castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh and well worth a visit. Like other castles, it has an important history and in this case it is related to one of the kings of Scotland, in this case with Maria Stuart.

Scotland castles to visit - Craigmillar castle
  • Nearest town: Edinburgh
  • Entrance fee: 6 pounds
  • Schedule: 09:30 until 17:30. In winter the hours are shorter.

Campbell Castle

Not far from Stirling Castle is the campbell castle lost in the depths of a forest. Getting here is not easy since you have to walk a somewhat steep path to get to it, but the effort is worth it.

Scotland castles to visit - Campbell Castle
  • Nearest town: Dollar
  • Entrance fee: 6 pounds
  • Schedule: 09:30 until 17:30. In winter the hours are shorter.

Glamis Castle

This castle is really splendid and with really beautiful gardens. Your visit abroad is free but access to the interior must be exclusively with a guide. It is worth it because you see rooms of the castle as they were more than 100 years ago.

Scotland castles to visit - Glamis Castle
  • Nearest town: Angus
  • Entrance fee: 15.50 pounds with the tour included
  • Schedule: 10:00 to 17:30. In winter the hours are shorter.

See tour of the castle of Glamis + Dunottar

Kilchurn Castle

North of loch Awe there are the ruins of kilchurn castle. A castle that is worth seeing from the other end of the lake through a light hiking trail of only 10 minutes (one way). Be careful with the terrain since it usually has a lot of mud….

Scotland castles to visit - Kilchurn Castle
  • Nearest town: Dalmally

Dunottar Castle

Well what's left of dunottar castle It is very little and the best is undoubtedly its location, on the back of some cliffs. It is also another one of those castles that played an important role in the history of Scotland.

Scotland castles to visit - Dunottar castle
  • Nearest town: Stonehaven
  • Entrance fee: 7 pounds
  • Schedule: 09:00 to 17:30. In winter the hours are shorter.

See tour of the castle of Glamis + Dunottar

Floors Castle

In our eyes it does not look like a castle but an imposing palace. In Scotland they call it a castle so we have to put it on this list. Its interior is immaculate and only half of it can be visited since the current family that runs it lives in the other half of the palace. In fact we will see many photos of them with the Queen of England.

Scotland castles to visit - Floors Palace
  • Nearest town: Kelso
  • Entrance fee: 11.50 pounds
  • Schedule: 09:00 to 17:00.

Braemar Castle

It is a castle that we could barely visit and the truth is that we almost passed it. Its appearance of cement on the outside made us discard the option of seeing it inside. It is located in the heart of the national park of the Cairngorms.

Scotland castles to visit - Braemar Castle
  • Nearest town: Ballater

Stalker Castle

It is a small castle located on an island in the loch Linnhe, south of Fort Willian and not far from Oban It is observed from a viewpoint that is on the road next to a cafeteria of the same name.

Scotland castles to visit - Stalker Castle
  • Nearest town: Appin
  • Entrance fee: for free.
  • Schedule: no schedule.

Smailholm tower

The tower of Smailholm It is a fortified tower of the fifteenth century and located in a rather inhospitable place not far from the famous Melrose Abbey. Inside there is a small exhibition but more worth the surroundings that surround it than the tower itself.

Scotland castles to visit - Smailholm Tower
  • Nearest town: Kelso
  • Entrance fee: 4.8 pounds
  • Schedule: 09:30 until 17:30. Open only from April to September, but you can visit outside for free.
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