The true and the false castle of Dracula

Everything that glitters is never gold and in this case, Bran Castle or Dracula's castle neither has anything to do with the fictional character nor is it near Brasov. This castle is an invention of the former dictator of Romania,Ceaucescu, that by way of exploiting the reef that Dracula supposes for tourists, it was decided by Bran as its abode, given that the actual location, the Poenari Castle, It was a set of ruins that had little special.

Dracula Castle - Bran Castle

The true and the false castle of Dracula

To start a little history of the character of Dracula

Tells the story that a prince from the south ofRomaniacalled Vlad Tepes, he dared to fight fiercely against the hordes coming from the Ottoman Empire. Tired of his people being used as slaves or soldiers in a war they didn't want, he decided to stand up and fight his enemy in the most ruthless way possible. Knowing that they were a very small number against the Muslim giant and the only strategy that could work was fear, he drew up a bloody idea that was nothing more and nothing less than planting stakes throughout his territory and around his castle, and in they go through the Ottoman soldiers fallen in battle, hence their terrible nickname, Vlad the impaler, what years later the writer Bran stoker interested in his story he renamed it the Count Dracula.

Romania is still living off the myth

Bran's castle. Dracula's fake castle

Who has not heard of that man with sharp fangs, who flees the smell of garlic and sunbathing does not fall within his agenda. Ceaucescu, the former president / dictator of Romania, knew that such an opportunity could not stop escaping. He royal castle of Vlad Tepes It was in ruins and was far from the main tourist attractions, so he decided to look in other locations such as Brasov, tourist capital of skiing inRomania. There were several castles and fortresses, but the one who gave the most hit was the Bran Castleto whom Vlad Tepes He barely had coffee.

Dracula Castle - Bran Castle

He bran castle It is located 30 kilometers south of Brasov, right where the mythical begins Transylvania. Surrounded by several restaurants and a small market that sells all kinds of objects related to Dracula, is this more than discreet Castle. Your entry is 6.6€ and the parking little more than 1€, opening until 6 pm in high season, inclusive Easter, being the rest of the year until 4 in the afternoon.

Dracula Castle - Bran Castle

Curiously it is located on the border limits of Transylvania with Wallachia, so its real origin is of a defensive fortress. Today there is nothing left of it and what we can see is the castle built by orders ofLouis I of Hungary.

Dracula Castle - Bran Castle

The castle is not too big and I would dare to say that with hour and half It is more than enough to go through it. Its interior is full of instances furnished with all kinds of details from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bran Castle

Most are related to their last guests, the queen mary and the Princess Ileana, which left the castle after the Soviet occupation of World War II, which turned the castle into a museum. In 1990 the princess returned to her castle, but as nun Dying a year later.

Dracula Castle - Bran Castle

Years later the government decided to return the castle to the Princess Ileana, already deceased, taking him in possession of his most direct heirs.

The castle of Poenari. Dracula's true castle

No wonder that Ceaucescu look for an alternative for Dracula's castle. He Poenari Castle or Poeinari It is almost in ruins, but I must admit that its location is incredible. For this reason alone it is worth coming here and even more if you decide to travel one of the most famous roads in the world, the Transfagarasan and its endless curves.

Poienari Castle
Poienari Castle

Its access involves a trekking of more than 30 minutes, passing through a really beautiful forest, where from time to time you can find animals like deer and salamanders. If the castle falls short after the kilometers you have made, I would recommend visiting the fenced lake of Vidraru, one of the largest in the country, although it really is a dam.

Vidraru Lake

In it you can make circuits by boat from any of the numerous shelters Let them settle on its banks.

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As an anecdote, in Romania Javier was bitten by a dog, something that seems to be quite common in this corner of Europe. Watch out for the gangs of dogs, they can give you more of a dislike.

Practical facts about Dracula's Castle

How to get to Bran Castle?

It is less than 3 hours by highway from Bucharest, although part of the route is done by county roads.

Where to sleep. Bran Castle?

Ideally, sleep in Brasovbecause the night of Bran He doesn't have much to tell, besides there are no vampires :-D. In the strada Lunga, 10 minutes from downtown, are the cheaper hotels, although most of Brasov's hotels are around the Republicii strada.

Hotels in Strada Lunga

  • Promenade Hostel, from € 6
  • Casa Marius, from € 28

Hotels in strada Republicii

  • Casa Albert Boutique Hotel, from € 60. A really nice hotel
  • Hotel Coroana, from € 40, a bit old but with Romanian charm

How to get to Poenari Castle?

Go to Curtea de Arges. From there the road goes to Transfagarasan and from where we can find out the state of the road. If you decide to climb the port, keep in mind that it remains closed for almost 9 months a year….

Where to sleep. Poenari Castle?

We recommend the Vidraru Inn, at the foot of the same lake and with fantastic views. Since 38€.