5 places you have to visit in Page and Lake Powell

Lake Powell and Page, between Arizona and Utah, are guilty of having several of the best postcard locations from United States. An artificial lake created from the Colorado River with about 300km in length and scene of a multitude of Hollywood movies like Gravity, Broken Arrow, Evolution, Maverick or thePlanet of the Apes.

South of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, we have the town of Page, a perfect starting point to visit the fascinating places that we propose.

What to visit in Page and Lake Powell?

In our trip along the West Coast we can say that from the Page area and Lake Powell it was where we brought many of the best memories of that trip. There are a lot of things to see and landscapes that you can only see in a few corners of the planet. There are places as magical asAntelope Canyon, of sublime beauty, a river as spectacular as the Colorado.

1 Visit the Glen Canyon Dam

Shortly before arriving at Page, if you come from Bryce Canyon or Zion National Park, there is the Glen Canyon Dam or Glen Canyon Dam. You can visit for $ 5 on guided tours, where you can access the bowels of the dam or go through the walkway higher. Curiously, the best views are from the sides or from the bridge, so unless you are interested in history and how a dam works, this visit may not interest you.

This dam is the one that supplies drinking water to the entire southwest of the United States and contributes to more than 5% of the electricity in the area. The dimensions of the dam are colossal, more than 200m high thanks to the beginning of one of the canyons of the Colorado River. The truth is impressive to see this mole.

Glen Canyon Dam

2 The beaches of Lake Powell, take a bath!

One of the best things you can do for Lake Powell is to bathe in its transparent waters. Do not forget that being in the middle of an arid zone, practically a desert, the desire to find a place with water and above to enjoy it is priceless. So, don't forget the swimsuit If you are going to make a West Coast laruta, because the interior has magnificent places to bathe.

We found an idyllic place where we were practically alone. To get to this place you have to take the road Indn Rte 222 that goes to the Marine Past Antelope Canyon, to the left if we come from Page. The road passes not far from the shore and on the left there are small rock beaches with crystalline waters. By the way, in the Navy it is possible both eat overlooking the lake How to rent a boat.

Lake powell

Also a perfect place to bathe is the beach inLone Rock Beach Primitive Camping. This corner of Lake Powell is so immense that you may think that you are at sea. the most characteristic of the beach is the Lone Rock, a huge rock In the middle of the lake.

Another curiosity of this beach is to see how the Americans take their huge cars to the shore with their boats, because if you live in the area, in Arizona or Utah, you have to have a boat yes or yes.

Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping

3 Navigate the Colorado River

One of the activities carried out was a boat tour through the canyon of the colorado river leaving from the dam of Glen, since we wanted not only to see this canyon from a viewpoint, but to be able to see it from the water, from below. On the route we could not only bathe in its icy waters, if we could not see paintings of the Indians who inhabited the area as well as contemplate the immense walls of more than 200m that they treasure in this part of the Colorado River.

The experience was worth it, yes, the boat was up, although we have to say that we were left wanting to make a longer journey and already inside the lake. There are tours between 3 and 7 days that border the entire lake, where if you search more on the Internet you can find really amazing photographs.

Sailing on the Colorado River
Colorado River

4 The viewpoint of the Horseshoe bend, stay open!

9 minutes from Page southbound on US 89 is the viewpoint of the Horseshoe Bend orHorseshoe Bend, an almost perfect meander that has made it one of the icons of the United States.

Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend

More information in our article on the Horseshoe Bend.

5 Visit the amazing Antelope Canyon

By highway 98, about 15 minutes from Page we have Antelope Canyon, one of the most visited places in the United States and one of the reasons for many travelers to travel to Arizona and the United States. Antelope Canyon is within a private reserve of Navajo Indians that they explode for about $ 50 per ticket.

You can read more about Antelope Canyon in our article, about eltour in Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon at 12h

Bonus track Rainbow bridge

We did not comment at the time, but it was time to update the article. An amazing place is therainbow bridge. The largest stone bridge in the world and which is reached by boat on Lake Powell after almost 3 hours sailing.

5 places you have to visit in Page and Lake Powell

More information about the Rainbow Bridge excursion here.

Practical data

Before leaving for the United States

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How to get

Lake Powell is between Utah and Arizona, but there is a town called Page, to the north, which can be a good base camp to tour the area. Page has a small airport, but most travelers come by road.

How to move

Here the only way to get around is by car, since the points are far between and public transport is very scarce. We leave you a link with car rental discounts.

Where to sleep

The best thing about this area of ​​the United States is that you can find large hotels, with several beds, at really interesting prices. For couples or solo travelers it can be a bit expensive, but for families the prices are very good. We were two and there were almost always 3 beds per room ...

  • Super 8. Typical roadside motel to live an adventure.
  • Motel 6. More motels is war
  • Travelodge Page. A classic of this chain.
  • Holiday Inn Express A good option and at a good price.

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