Diving in Oman (In the paradise of the Al Dimaniyat Islands)

Diving in Oman is one of the most interesting things you can do in the sultanate. Oman is full of surprises, and one of them are its spectacular sea beds that house from clown fish, turtles or whale sharks to impressive coral reefs like those near the capital, Muscat, where in just 30 minutes by boat you can place yourself in a small paradise called theAl Dimaniyat islands (Daymaniyat islands).

Don't forget to watch the video above! You will see the bottoms of Dimaniyat and its beaches.

Diving in Oman

45 minutes from the capital

There are several points to go diving from Muscat, but there is only one that makes you in just 45 minutes to be in paradise such as the Al Dimaniyat Islands. That place is Almouj Marina, a small port where they are building luxury homes facing the sea. Another point is where Euro Divers is, but its main dive areas are mostly in the east side away from the islands, but instead it is well placed to see whale sharks when it is the season.

Almouj Marina
Daymaniyat Islands

The Al Dimaniyat Islands

These nine heavenly islands They are really a small desert in the middle of the Gulf of Oman, and in addition to its stunning beaches it is one of the best places to dive in Oman. Of course, being close to the capital, access in high season begins to be a bit restricted but not impossible, since diving clubs such as small cruises that leave from Muscat are distributed licenses to access the islands with certain moderation.

Daymaniyat Islands
Daymaniyat Islands

Our experience

On the second day of being in Oman we planned to dive in Al Dimaniyat with Lua Lua Diving but the reality was that there were winds from the north and the sea was quite hangover. We were in the port ofAlmouj Marina with some Americans wanting to dive but seeing a panorama called Murphy's Law.

Diving in Oman
Daymaniyat Islands

The reality was that the dive was canceled, but there is a ship from another agency that planned to leave for the islands to snorkel and spend the morning, something that did not satisfy everything we wanted to do but that after all was an exit to get to know the islands and at least snorkel.

Daymaniyat Islands

We boarded the ship after paying the tour, about 25 OMR, and set off between a scrambled sea to the islands. In about 30 minutes we arrived. From afar there were some houses and practically flat islands with no ships around. Without vegetation, very arid but surrounded by coral reefs.

Diving in Oman
Diving in Oman

The reality is that in the end in the Al Dimaniyat Islands we cannot say that we could dive in Oman, but at least we saw turtles, clown fish and a multitude of schools of fish that reflected the amount of life around Oman. We also did not see whale sharks, since it was not a good time, but if we take a very good impression of the beaches from Al Dimaniyat and the coral bottoms of Oman.

Practical data

How to get to Oman?

Muscat can be reached with Oman Air or Emirates or Qatar Airways. We fly to Oman with Emirates Stopover in Dubai We bought the tickets for around € 450 with Skyscanner after comparing several companies. The reality is that both Emirates and Qatar handled similar prices but with different scales. Or Doha or Dubai.

Search flights to Oman

What diving clubs did we see in Muscat?

We leave the data of the two diving clubs that we contacted.

  • Euro Divers
  • Lua Lua Diving and Adventure

Where to sleep in Muscat?

Muscat is not a cheap city, but looking for and choosing an area where it serves as a base for excursions you may find interesting things like the following:

Corniche area

We slept last night at the Ryan Hotel, a quiet hotel in the Corniche area.

  • Ryan Hotel. From € 45 per night. 15min walking to the port
  • Mutrah Hotel. The first hotel built in Oman. From € 45 per night

Muscat Center

The first night in Oman we were at the Weekend Hotel, a hotel in a quiet area next to the great mosque

  • Weekend Hotel From € 50 per night
  • Ruwi Hotel. From € 66 with pool.
  • Al Falaj Hotel. Next to the beach from € 70 a night

Travel insurance

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