Mexico. Tour Mexico with All Mexico Pass

Today we leave for Mexico with All Mexico Pass. This year they have chosen to Travel for free among hundreds of proposals to visit Mexico and the states of Jalisco, Guanajuato and DF. It will be 15 days full of activities in several of the most beautiful regions of all of Mexico. Jalisco, with the spectacular Vallarta Port and Guadalajara, and Guanajutato, with León and San Miguel de Allende. A route that will cover several Unesco heritage cities.

Day by day in the hashtag #AllMexicoTrip and #Viajaporlibre we will tell you the most special places in this corner of Mexico. You can follow the whole tour on our Facebook page or on Twitter. In addition, we will gradually give prominence to our YouTube channel with videos of all our experiences, even in the most daring situations. What kind of situations? Well, we prefer you to see it throughout our trip.

Mexico's map

Tell you what All Mexico Pass It is an agency specialized in trips to Mexico where you can hire circuits such asMaya Pass, a passport that allows you to visit and move around all archeological zones from eastern Mexico. In addition, they have very competitive air fares in the low cost operating in the country. If you travel by land, All Mexico Pass will also help you travel in the most comfortable way if you travel on your own, such as Travel for free, since they have agreements with the maincoach companies from the country.

Travel for free in Chichen Itza

And who accompanies us on this trip? Several of the main blogs of the Spanish blogosphere. Surely it sounds more than one.

See you every day from June 22 to 6 in Mexico.