Avoriaz Skiing in the heart of the French Alps

There are ski resorts in the French alpss that seem to have been taken out of a fairy tale and one of them isAvoriaz, just a few kilometers from Switzerland, with whom you share tracks with other stations, ensuring you can ski in two different countries with just one ski pass (France and Switzerland), without having to go through a border control and having a single requirement, go skiing.


Avoriaz Skiing in the heart of the French Alps - What to do in Avoriaz

Avoriaz It is part of the network of ski resorts called The Portes du Soleil ski area, comprising a total of 12 ski resorts with 650 kilometers skiable in two different countries, France and Switzerland. With an average of 8 meters thick snow, snow is almost assured from the end of November until the end of April.

In itself it has 70 kilometers of tracks plus as many cross-country skiing, but as in the ski pass (€ 48.5) the rest of the stations are included, most people pass several times from one station to another during the day almost without realizing it, returning to Avoriaz late afternoon.


But the best is not only on the slopes, but in the town of Avoriaz. This small alpine redoubt is prohibited from accessing motor vehicles, except for emergencies naturally, so walking through its streets can only be done on foot, skiing or even on sleds.

In fact, just upon reaching the town, we will have a large parking (free) where we will have to leave our vehicle and from there rent a personal sled to carry all our luggage, opting for one pulled by horses in order to reach our rooms as comfortable as possible.

Avoriaz - French Alps

We could comment on the existing tracks in the station, but for this there is a website to inform you, where in addition to seeing how many tracks are open, you can check each of the webcams and get an idea of ​​both the actual thickness and the weather it does.

Unfortunately the week we spent in Avoriaz It was to forget. The station was closed 4 of 6 days for a strong weather, having to enjoy our apartment and the services offered by the town as Aquariaz, a set of heated pools with a jungle touch of the most aphrodisiac.

Practical data - Tips in Avoriaz

When to go?

The station opens from mid-November to the beginning of April. The best months range from January to the end of February, but this may vary depending on the year, very common in this part of the French Alps.

How to go?

The cheapest thing is to arrive by plane at Geneva and from here opt for a shuttle or train + shuttle. By train we can reach the stations of Thonon les Bains ó Cluseswhere there are shuttles towards Avoriaz with prior reservation. The closest is Cluses, but with so much transport change, it is perhaps more advisable to get to Geneva and from there take a direct shuttle to the ski resort.