Mexico. We visited the Jose Cuervo Tequila Distillery

Distillery Jose Cuervo Tequila or also called Mundo Cuervo is the oldest distillery in America, a place where you can see first hand deagave fields where tequila is extracted, the elaboration process and of course, taste it to savor the Mexican culture.

In the agave fields

Jose Cuervo tequila and its elaboration process

Tequila is originally from a town with the same name as Jalisco, Mexico. Jose Cuervo has been producing this particular liquor for more than 250 years and that has gradually become popular all over the world. Its development has changed rather little over the years, since the process in most cases follows the following guidelines:

  1. The first thing is to cut the Blue agave, very similar to Mezcal and even to Aloe vera.
  2. Subsequently, the Agave extracts its sugar with steam under pressure at more than 100º, a process that should not exceed 18h.
  3. It is then crushed and the juice is extracted from the plant.
  4. From this point it is added the yeast so you can ferment. From what they told us, part of this process is very similar to that of Mezcal although the latter It is more handmade and usually comes from another variety of Agave.
  5. The last step is very similar to other beverages such as gin, since as the "must" collected is introduced into the still to begin the distillation process.

Agave Fields

The process of elaboration after all is very fast, but today with the fashions of the vintages or even of aging the drinks have created really good tequila liquors.

Visit the La Rojeña distillery

Little to see in the city of Tequila, except for agave fields and the Jose Cuervo distillery. We can say that in this small town, right in front of the distillery, there is a nice square with its church, as if the most interesting thing they put together and made the city of Tequila worth much more.

The Jose Cuervo distillery, also called La Rojeña, is the oldest in America and it shows right after seeing its facilities. There is a vintage car collection used by both the Jose Cuervo family and their employees, cars that could be perfectly used for a Chicago gangster film of the 20s.

Jose Cuervo Distillery

As soon as you access your facilities, the image of the brand is very present, a raven over 2m tall and another crow alive and kicking inside a cage treated like a king. Here this animal does not give bad omens or anything like that, it is the master, it is the symbol of the brand.

Jose Cuervo Distillery

Similar to the wineries in Spain can be seen from the casks where Tequila is stored, how they make it and even how it is transported. You can also see the copper stills, widely used in British gin or whiskey distilleries and even Spanish ones like the one in Santamania, in Madrid.

It is curious to see the whole process, as they move the essence of the Agave next to the yeast, all perfectly synchronized and truly clean.

Jose Cuervo Distillery

At the end of the tour is the most anticipated. Do not say that who goes to a distillery or a cellar will not taste, because not trying the product, is like not having visited. You can taste old tequilas, of over 12 or 18 months and stored in different barrels. One tip, look out, if you come by car, take a walk around the square before driving ...

Jose Cuervo Distillery

Practical data

How to get?

If you come to Tequila there are several ways to get there. In train, with the Jose Cuervo Express, how they ride it !!, which leaves at 11 from Guadalajara, so everything is very easy, in car, on Highway 15 or even in bus, with the Tequila plus company.

From Guadalara to Tequila

How much?

There is a wide variety of experiences and tours in the La Rojeña distillery of Jose Cuervo. From passes of one hour, 190 pesos, to visits with tasting and pairing, 400 pesos, the VIP experience, 650 pesos, which was what we did and that includes tasting, the visit to the family winery, the distillery and the agave fields. In the distillery page you can see all the possibilities, there are even visits with transport included.

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