The best views of New York (Lookouts and more)

Every preparation to go the big apple includes visiting some of the best views of New York. As a city of skyscrapers the views we can get are unforgettable, both at the top of a building and from the asphalt itself. Sometimes we have to disburse large amounts of money to enjoy them but it is not always the case and in this article we tell you.

Brooklyn Bridge - The best viewpoints in New York

The best views of New York

Today we propose a list with the best views of New YorkAt least the ones we personally visited on our last trip. Surely someone stays in the inkwell, but on a trip of less than 7 days and in such a large city it is impossible to see everything. So if you know any that have escaped us, please let us know to include it in the list.

1 Empire State Building

It is the most emblematic building in New York by far and where many movies have been shot including the famous climbing of King kong. It was built in 1931 being the highest point in New York for many years and where there were events as curious as the accident of a B-25 bomber between plants 78-80 which caused great damage to its structure.

Empire State Building - The best views of New York

Upload has a cost of 32$ up to the 86th floor which in my opinion is enough since if you want to go up to the antenna (floor 102), you have to pay a supplement of 20$.

Empire State Building - The best views of New York

From the Empire state we have the best views of Chrysler Building since unfortunately from other viewpoints like the Top of the Rock Several buildings hide it.

By the way, do not miss the hall of the building because it is very art deco.

Empire State Building - The best views of New York

2Top of the rock

What a surprise I took when climbing Rockefeller Center and specifically to the viewpoint of Top of the Rock. It has a cost of 32$ and as a general rule it is less crowded than the other viewpoints. In my opinion it has the best views of all of them and above it is the most economical.

Top of the Rock - The best views of New York

From the top you can take the best photo of the Empire state and also we can go out to a terrace where there are no crystals in certain places to be able to photograph at our leisure.

Top of the Rock - The best views of New York

It is also one of the best points to see Central park and of the best illuminated buildings in the city. This last take can be enjoyed in the Plaza del Rockfeller center, famous because every Christmas they ride an ice skating rink and a big Christmas tree.

Top of the Rock - The best views of New York

By the way from this building the immortalized photos were made where the builders were seen sitting on beams and that today we continue to put the creeps.

The best viewpoints of New York - Photo by Bettmann / Corbis

3One World Observatory

You have observed that the wallet is emptying if we climb all the skyscrapers. This in question costs 32$ and it was built on the grounds where the old ones were Twin Towers, right in the same hole where there are currently two great sources that commemorate such a fateful event. This building is the tallest in New York And his presence is impressive.

One World Observatory - The best views of New York

To climb to the top you have to suffer several queues, as in the Empire state and the Rockefeller Center, but as the viewpoint was opened to the public in 2015 there are many more having to pass several controls, such as the purchase of entrance, security, elevator, talk about the building, ..., etc.

Once uploaded to the elevator, a video in high definition will be projected on the walls and ceiling of this being quite spectacular. The truth is that one does not even expect it.

One World Observatory - The best views of New York

Arrived at 102nd floor In just 60 seconds we will be shown a 2nd video whose screen will be lifted at the end to show the beautiful views. I say beautiful because they are not as spectacular as in the previous two viewpoints and to top it all we have to see them through a glass. This greatly limits photography.

Personally, if we want to save money, I would skip it.

4 Brooklyn Bridge

One of the best viewpoints in the city and free. Just crossing the bridge at sunset, which would take us 30/45 minutes and see the nightfall from Brooklyn is from my point of view one of the best experiences in New York.

Brooklyn Bridge - The best viewpoints in New York

Once crossed the bridge from the area of City hall, we can go to both sides of this. In one there is a dock where small boats are moored and in the other a park with a glass enclosure. The latter is for me to understand the one with the best views, especially those where you get almost below the Brooklyn Bridge (see photo below).

Brooklyn Bridge - The best viewpoints in New York

From here you can see another magnificent bridge like that of Manhattan and from where there is a viewpoint also quite interesting. A quiet place for the photos one can take, maybe that's why rats they only run races to cross the paths that cross the park :-D.

Manhattan Bridge - The best viewpoints in New York

If we opt for the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, towards the pier, we will see the entire New York Skyline but the image of the bridge is no longer as impressive.

Brooklyn Bridge - The best viewpoints in New York

5/6230 Fifth and the Top of the Strand

You walk through New York in the direction of the building Flatiron and suddenly you see a sign on the portal of a building that indicates that there is a rooftop bar with excellent views, specifically the 230 Fifth, in 230 of the 5 avenue. It's just the ones that happened to us and it was a big surprise. To start is free and if you want you can take a drink, which would be normal for you not to face a few friends. The cheapest on the menu is beer, for a few 9$... but ... What more can you ask for these excellent views of the Empire state?

230 Fifth - The best views of New York

Another option is the Top of the Strand, on the 21st floor of the hotel Strand, even closer to the Empire State Building. It has a folding glass roof which remains open when time permits.

7Ferry to Staten Island

One of the most famous photos of the city is the one taken between the mouths of the Hudson River and the East River. This photo can be taken if we go to the Statue of Liberty, paying their respective 18$ or taking the ferry to the Staten Island totally free.

Ferry to Staten Island - The best viewpoints in New York

8Chrysler building

Unfortunately we cannot go up to what we can qualify as New York's most beautiful building. Even so if we move to the confluence of the streets 3rd and 44th We will get the best point to observe it.

Chrysler Building - The best views of New York

9Renaissance Hotel in Time Square

Certainly at the end of Time square There is a tier with good views of this well-known confluence of streets full of color. Its height of about 10 meters is almost enough to get a good panoramic view, but if we change it for a much taller building and with a glass in your hand the feeling changes completely. We will also get views of the Chrysler Building very good

Practical data

Before leaving for the United States

  • United States Planet's Guide
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental in USA with a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in the United States

When to go to New York?

New York is one of the most tourist cities in the world and it is difficult not to find it full of tourists. On this basis, the ideal is to avoid summer and Easter, as well as national holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, July 4 and Christmas.

If we are a little cold, the winters in New York are quite hard and we can easily find the snowy streets and even sometimes but little current the waters surrounding frozen Manhattan.

Shcedules and prices

For all cases that require buying a ticket it is advisable to buy it in advance online with the aim of skipping the ticket lines.

  • Empire state : from 08:00 AM to 02:00 AM. 32$ to the 86th floor and 20$ additional until 102.
  • Top of the Rock : from 08:00 AM to 24:00. 32$.
  • One World Observatory : the one that opens and closes sooner. From 09:00 to 20:00. 32$. There are more expensive tickets to skip the lines.
  • Brooklyn bridge : all day. Free.
  • 230 Fifth : Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. On weekends they open at 9 in the morning. Free but the ideal is to consume something. Dinner is served.
  • Ferry to Staten : all day. Free.
  • The strand : open from 5:00 p.m. until dawn. The consumption Dinner is served.
  • Renaissance Hotel : open from sunset. The consumption

Where to sleep in New York?

Those were the hotels we used on our last visit to New York. They were a success despite being located outside of Manhattan:

  • La Quinta Inn suites in Brooklyn: comfortable hotel and only 5 minutes from the subway. Spacious rooms with internet and breakfast included.
  • Ramada Queens: hotel in Queens very close to the subway and only 20 minutes from Manhattan. Internet included and breakfast apart.

Hotels that we recommended and that we could not enjoy. I recommend you book in advance when you are in Manhattan.

  • Broadway Hotel: located in a quiet area west of Central Park.
  • Belnord Hotel: located in the same area as the previous hotel and near the Museum of Natural Sciences.
  • Eurostars Wall Street: in the financial district and very close to the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

One option is to rent an apartment. Remember that the owners have to accept you and send a confirmation. Unfortunately, there have been cases of cancellations by the owners several days in advance so I recommend booking on a hotel website with the right to cancel just in case.

Discounts in New York

A good way to save money in New York is to acquire the Citypass. A card that includes the most interesting places to visit and optionally others. It includes the visit to the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Natural Sciences Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Intrepid Museum and the statue of liberty among others. It also gives you the advantage of having access to these places without the tail from the ticket office.

Buy New York Pass

New York tourist office

More information at the New York tourist office at

Tours in New York

For about € 50 you can do one of the many tours you can do in New York. From the famous Contrast tour, see the Big Apple from the sky, night walks, excursions to Boston or Washington, see a Gospel mass, etc. In New York everything is possible. Recommendable!.

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