Myanmar We leave for the jewel of Asia - #myanmarporlibre

Myanmar We leave for the jewel of Asia. We do not have much left to fly to Myanmar, but first we want to tell you a summary of the preparations to be able to undertake a trip to one of the most unknown countries of Asia and possibly more spectacular, Myanmar.

The decision that catapulted an election like Myanmar has been low tourism compared to its neighboring countries, the incredible Inle Lake, the spectacular Bagan, and for the average cost of the trip we expect, as in the rest of the countries of Southeast Asia.


Previous Preparations#myanmarporlibre

The first thing before leaving for Myanmar is to have the visa. Since there is no embassy in Spain, you must apply to the Myanmar embassy in Paris or Berlin. We did it in Berlin and had to mail the costs of the visa in cash and passports with the signed documentation. In about two or three weeks they send you passports home with your visa to travel without problems to Myanmar.

In the face of flights It is usually better to travel via Bangkok or Singapore, and there make a stop with low-cost companies like Jet Star or Air Asia. In August, flights usually range between € 700 and € 900 with companies such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways or Qatar Airlines. Obviously better to travel with Asian companies or the Persian Gulf, for its quality and the excellent fleet of aircraft.

Facing the planning we have planned a trip of approximately 16 days of central and southern Myanmar of course for free, and trying to follow the next route that as in all trips we will improvise or change depending on the weather and what fascinates us every place in Myanmar, the old one Burma. Remember, sometimes the best thing about a trip is its setbacks.

Let's see the route:

  • Madrid - London - Singapore with Singapore Airlines with night included in this impressive city.
  • Singapore - Yangon with Jet Star first thing in the morning.
  • The next day Yangon - Nuaung U (Bagan) with Air Mandalay.
  • Bagan 2 or 3 days, will it be enough ?.
  • We leave, if we can, by boat to Mandalay. The second option in Bus.
  • Temples and surroundings of Mandalay, 2 days?.
  • Airplane at Inle Lake. They say that the road is so slow and hard that for the price it deserves to take an internal flight.
  • We depart to Kalaw. Depending on the time we will make a trekking of two days
  • He Inle Lake, Paradise in 2013 ?. I hope 3 or 4 days are enough.
  • If there is good weather and we have days we will end up in Ngapali Beach Rested on the beach.
  • Finally go back to Yangon and flight to Singapore to spend two days there and get to know one of the most spectacular cities in Asia.

Luggage for adventure for free#myanmarporlibre

For a destination like Myanmar, especially in August, you have to be very well prepared for the rain and for the unforeseen events that can generate bad weather. It is always advisable to bring backpacks prepared for the rain with its water layer and with inner bags, either plastic or waterproof as in the photo, to be able to protect what you carry inside and for your comfort, since you will not mix things.

Suitcase for one

A part Myanmar is a destination where there are frequent blackouts or in many hotels the light schedules are restricted, it is always advisable to carry several batteries for the camera and an external charger for the mobile phone.

In addition to traditional luggage, shorts, shirts, etc ... you have to add things that will surely come in handy and get you out of some mess like:

  • Water layer.
  • Several batteries
  • Several memory cards for the camera.
    If there is no light ...
  • Front or flashlight.
  • Utility knife.
  • External charger for mobile.
  • Bags of plastic / waterproof bags so that your luggage does not get wet.
  • Flip flops.
  • Trekking shoes (the short ones are valid unless you go to the north).
  • Belt with inner closure for hide the money.
  • Adapter of plugs.
  • Copies of all the documentation to paper and in Dropbox.
  • First aid kit. Relec, ibuprofen, parafetamol, Almax, Fortasec, malaria pills, cream for bites, bandages, strips for blisters ...
  • Currency in dollars and credit card (Visa + Mastercard). Better two in case one fails.
  • Map of the area (you can download it on your mobile).
  • Two backpacks The large one for all your luggage and a small one that you can store inside if you buy something.
  • Zeal or American tape. It sounds weird, but it has once saved us from some unexpected situation (holes in the backpack, broken shoes, you need to stick or hold something ...)

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