Malta much more than 12 to 1

Until about a decade ago, Malta was only known in Spain for the famous 12 to 1 that the Spanish soccer team infringed the Maltese in 1983. Fortunately, the current situation is different. There are many Spaniards who have discovered that the small Mediterranean island is much more than the memory of a historic party. Malta is history, culture, beaches, game in general (poker in particular) and, it must be said, also party. A country that, we have visited, we strongly recommend.


The history of the Republic of Malta is that of a territory that endured a multitude of colonizations. That he fought and fought with all his weapons until, in 1964, he finally achieved his independence. Carthaginians, Romans, Normans, French or English were some of the towns that tried to settle on this island. The vestiges of his presence are perfectly visible due to the large number of defensive constructions on the island.

Valletta It is the capital and, without a doubt, one of the most interesting places for tourists. Narrow streets in which you can breathe the dust of each and every one of the struggles that were lived in them. Really interesting buildings from the architectural point of view, mostly baroque, make this city, recognized as a world heritage site, an inexcusable visit for any traveler.


Crystal clear blue water and fine sand are its beaches. Paradise. The ones that receive the most visitors are those of Mellieha and Ghajn. However, no one can go to Malta without a boat visit to Blue lagoon. A simply impressive rocky area. A place to get lost in body and mind.

Despite being a small archipelago, you will need to use some means of transportation to get around the island of Malta. In addition to the urban buses where you can buy tickets for a trip, a whole day or even a week or a month, you can find boats that, by way of taxi, will take you to the different places of interest attached to the coast, enjoying some privileged views during the journey.


But there is more. If after doing tourism and sticking a bath you have strength, enjoy the party from Malta. This, for the most part, is in the area of Paceville (Saint Julian's).


It is the ancient capital of Malta and one of the most beautiful cities in this small archipelago. With just 300 inhabitants, this walled town has a history that is closely linked to military strategy, probably because it is one of the highest points on the island, a situation that took advantage of Phoenicians to build here this fortified city. But what can we see today in Mdina?

  • Of course theCathedral, of Maltese design and rebuilt by the Knights of the Order of Malta.
  • Palazzo Falzon.

A story linked to Spain

For several centuries Malta was closely linked to the history of Spain. In an era where the Crown of Aragon it extended its dominions through Europe, arriving in Sicily and by proximity, to Malta, it had a presence from the 13th to the 16th century.

In addition, during the eleventh century the Normans took Sicily and Malta putting the region under Christian rule. It was at this time that the Sicilians settled in Malta and perhaps because of this and the merchant's character of the islands, they have so many similarities with Italy.

Aragon crown

Already from 1282 he went to Spain, to the Aragon crown and in 1530 the Aragonese islands left with the Hospital Knights, previously known by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

Please, we speak English not Italian

Yes, although it seems strange, in the middle of the Mediterranean it is spoken English. This is because in the nineteenth century they were annexed to the British Empire due to their strategic situation, something that the British handle very well throughout the world.

With this it became a port of call to the India and also Headquarters of the Royal Navy. In addition, during the Second World War he played a key role for the British overseas.

One of the keys to the success of English in the islands was the abolition of italian in 1936 by the British authorities in an attempt, and a success the truth, to silence the intentions of sovereignty that had Mussolini at that time. Today it is one of the points par excellence for learning English, both for the weather and for the prices, since they are much cheaper than in the United Kingdom.

Key points for a brief visit

Focusing on a brief visit, here is our recommendation:

  • Valletta, the capital, the leisure center of the islands.
  • Mdina
  • Cumin It is uninhabited, and is the smallest of the three islands. Desert landscape predominates
  • Blue LagoonA simply impressive rocky area.
  • Melieha, with one of the few sandy beaches on the island and more than one exquisite restaurant.
  • Golden bay, one of the best beaches.