The most spectacular Mayan cities

Lately they have us badly accustomed to the seven wonders of the modern world, wonders that make us think that there are no more things awesome in this world. Spectacular they are, but the tourist interests behind, voting or suspicious criteria make travelers with world, experienced travelers, ignore certain competitions for not having a real criterion. Obviously to taste the colors, as in the Maya world, where places with less tourist projection go almost unnoticed by having neither means, nor budget, and perhaps neither good politicians.

Chichen Itza

Most spectacular Mayan cities

There are places inside the Maya world that if they asked you on the street, maybe you wouldn't know how to place them on the map, let alone say their name. Being known does not mean being the best. Being the best restored does not mean that it is the most impressive. For us it has to fulfill several aspects. History, situation and above all beauty. Let's see the selection of Mayan cities Travel for free.

Most spectacular Mayan Cities

1 Tikal in Guatemala

The dimensions of Tikal They are amazing. It came to house more than 100,000 inhabitants and more than 4,000 buildings. This monster highlights Tempo IV with almost 70m high, an example that makes it reign among our Mayan proposal.

Howler monkeys, birds and the dawn from the Great pyramid They make Tikal a special place. For the majority of tourists who visit it, they are dazzled by its dimensions and, above all, by the place where the city is located, in the middle of the jungle. Today there are still thousands of temples under the undergrowth and claws of the jungle, what new discoveries will there be in the future of Tikal?

Tikal, Guatemala

2 Snail in Belize

By far they are the most impressive ruins in all of Belize and an adventure to access them. It is a place with very little tourism, little exploited and perhaps for this reason they still retain that beauty that makes you imagine the epic adventures of any 19th century adventurer.

Also located in the middle of the jungle, it is not difficult to see monkeys camping at ease through the pyramids as if tourism were not with them. He deposit is immense, no less than 142 km2, which is equivalent to more than 35,000 buildings, although only a small part of it can be visited as the rest is under the dark forest. When we visited Caracol, the army escorted us, a clear example that tourism is not yet present in this region of the planet.


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3 Palenque in Mexico

Located in the municipality of the same name, Palenque is one of the most impressive in all of Mexico but smaller than Tikal or Copán. Currently, only 5% of the land has been explored, so if you visit Palenque you will realize the real dimensions of the Mayan cities.



4 Yaxha in Guatemala

Yaxhá, located north of Petén, Guatemala, is one of those little-name sites eclipsed by its neighbor and incredible Tikal. Personally with Caracol, Belize, it is one of the best places from the archaeological or landscape point of view of the Mayan world.

It is a city built on small islands connected by roads and canals. It is a delight to walk among its ruins, where 3 large pyramids stand facing each other.

Acropolis of Yaxha

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5 Chichen Itza in Mexico

It is possibly the best known city in the entire Mayan world and one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It is also the most visited with Tulum. Chichen Itza gathers many buildings where the Castle or pyramid of kukulcan, the temple of the warriors or the courtyard of the ball. If it weren't for the hordes of tourists or the number of buses that come from the resorts, this place would climb places on our list. Too bad this overcrowded, still, is a real wonder.

Chichen Itza

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6 Copan in Honduras

Almost bordering Guatemala, Copán is one of the great Mayan cities. Its museum stands out, where it is possible to see how the temples really were in the Mayan era, full of color.

Stelae Square

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7 The Mirador in Guatemala

Hard to reach, the Mirador is one of the largest and most unknown of the great Mayan cities. With thousands of its buildings hidden among the trees it has a larger extension than the city of Los Angeles. Nowadays you hardly receive thousand tourists a year, which is why you have to thank travel guides. In addition, accessing it is a real adventure, since it is 55km from the nearest town on foot. As a curiosity, this video of the CNN about El Mirador.

It is said that the largest pyramid in the Mayan world is in El Mirador. Don't you feel like living that venture?

Pyramid size

8 Tulum in Mexico

Together with Chichen Itza, it is the most famous Mayan city in the world. If there is a city located in a paradise by the sea where its white sand beaches stand out, that is Tulum.

Tulum, Yucatan

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