Experiences on an organized trip to the Dominican Republic

Much of the tourism sector moves through trips in all-inclusive format, such as a organized trip to Dominican Republic. A tourism that seeks first of all relaxation, which has everything done and does not have to complicate life during your stay. To this if we add really attractive prices, luxury hotels in all-inclusive and door-to-door transport, it is logical that this model is so successful. Even so, for those of us who are restless, we cannot stop for a long time in one place and our body demands movement, it is definitely not our model. Anyway you had to try it.

Experiences on an organized trip to the Dominican Republic

Organized trip to Dominican Republic

This time we put the backpack aside and we dare with an all-inclusive in a 5 * hotel through an organized trip to the Dominican Republic. We choose Punta Cana, staying in a hotel of a well-known Spanish luxury hotel chain. A spectacular resort that lacked nothing.

Experiences on an organized trip to the Dominican Republic

Facilities and services

The hotel was incredibly large, divided into several distinct areas, from playground with monitors to 24h casino, the setting is spectacular. Our room directly overlooked the lakes a golf course that will meet all the requirements of any golf player.

Experiences on an organized trip to the Dominican Republic

The entire resort is surrounded by very well-kept gardens, maintenance and cleanliness are at the height of this category of hotels, chatting with a manager telling us about the three thousand workers.

Experiences on an organized trip to the Dominican Republic

As we said there are several areas, a section with rooms and exclusive services for over 18 years, another integrated in the golf course, and the central area where the main lobby, theater, shopping gallery and most restaurants are. The most athletes can go jogging on the golf course, enjoy their tennis courts, paddle tennis (Many Argentines and Spaniards ...), football and basketball.

The spa circuit is an extra thing to consider although the huge pools also have a jacuzzi and hydrotherapy. And the beach, the waves break in the distance, the bathroom is calm and although punctually the tide can bring some algae, it does not become something problematic. The set of turquoise waters, white sand and the rows of palm trees tell us that we have not made a mistake in destiny.


Although the offer of excursions is wide we have focused on what we could do in the hotel itself. From the early hours of the morning, the hotel entertainment team works to make people have fun, and they get it with endless activities for all ages throughout the day, participating in them seemed an excellent way to meet people while having fun. Bingo, petanque, darts, zumba, aquagym, always with good humor and guaranteed laughs.

Without forgetting the water activities, at any time we could enjoy a canoe, paddle board, snorkeling equipment or small boats.

Experiences on an organized trip to the Dominican Republic

As lovers of diving we could not miss the opportunity to see what the reef of bavarian beach so we hired a couple of downs. The facilities of the Mariana club are fine and have an international team to make communication more fluid.

Experiences on an organized trip to the Dominican Republic

The diving is pleasant, without currents, very good visibility and the waters with adequate temperature, although the fauna was not very numerous and of course nothing of great size. According to a dive master in the area, this is due to the fact that for some years they placed three platforms near the beach to swim with stingrays sharks and dolphins, coincidentally since they are the platforms you can no longer see these animals in freedom .


The offer of theme restaurants and bars is one of the strengths of this type of hotels so if you have not done the bikini operation ..., better leave it for the return. During the day there are several buffets with national and international food, including a restaurant focused on sporting events that opens 24 hours a day.

Dinner time is the star moment, it is usually necessary to make a previous reservation but it is a quick procedure that can be done by phone, app or in the lobby. Depending on the chosen restaurant, a minimum dress code (label) is required. The variety is assured, during the week that our stay lasted we enjoyed from a lobster thermidor in a French restaurant to a fun dinner at Teppanyaki table (I think it says so). For the little ones there is always the possibility of choosing a children's menu, the excellent service in all the restaurants.

Experiences on an organized trip to the Dominican Republic

Many of the restaurants and buffets offered the option of dining on your terrace something to consider if we feel like escaping the air conditioning for a while and enjoying the sea views.
The beach or pool bars offer drinks of all colors although to enjoy a well prepared cocktail we recommend ordering them inside the hotel where the barman will take his time to serve a note drink.

If after dinner you still have strength, every night there is a show in the theater, a Michael Jackson impersonator caught our attention, but everyone was entertained and at the end they invited the attendees to dance on the stage and take a picture with the artists. For the more nocturnal there is always the disco and the casino very lively.

Practical data

Currency exchange in Dominican Republic

This type of establishment allows you to make purchases and pay for services charged to the room, which makes it virtually unnecessary to change to local currency.

Custom package or separately?

When booking this type of travel if or if you have to buy it through a tour operator, the stay and flight package will always be much cheaper than if we book them separately.

Travel insurance

When we hire this type of vacation with the tour operator we always include some type of basic insurance, we recommend hiring extra insurance, you never know what can happen.

Family travel

We recommend this type of destination to families for the variety of activities they offer, children will enjoy as never before, and the elderly will take an unforgettable memory.

Airport taxes

Remember that when leaving the country at the airport you have to pay a fee of 20$.


  • Even being an immense resort and without generating agglomerations it is difficult to find the solitude and tranquility that other destinations offer, if you are looking for that better another destination.
  • The biggest hit (as on many occasions) the flight hours, we can not say anything else, we personally did not travel long and the proximity of the airport to the hotel is appreciated (it took about 25 minutes).
  • During the weekend more people usually arrive at the hotel, mainly because of the proximity of the flight with other countries that make it possible to enjoy a weekend in just three hours of flight, therefore we recommend that if you plan to do some kind of excursion or activity do it during the week.

Travel insurance

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