Visit the Alcazar of Seville (Tips and recommendations)

He Alcazar of Seville It is one of the most splendid places in Andalusia. Located in front of the famous minaret of the GiraldaIt is one of the monuments that receives the most number of visitors each year in Spain and Andalusia, behind the Alhambra, the mosque of Cordoba and the cathedral of Seville. Therefore it is not surprising that numerous queues crowd in their entrance every day, making it very worthwhile to get up early.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville

Visit the Alcazar of Seville

We visited the Alcazar of Sevillto one of the bridges with more calendar days, the constitution bridge. We chose Seville since it had been more than 5 years after our last visit and because we had a thorn with the Alcazar. We did not know him and since we had been told very well about him, we decided to return to this magical city.

The first thing we did is buy the internet tickets, in a very simple process but we quickly saw that two weeks after our trip, the tickets on royal room They were sold. Therefore the only option was to see the palaces and gardens. Given this problem, I already imagined the queues that would form at the entrance and therefore decided to get up early with the intention of entering the first.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Entrance

We show up at the doors at 08:45, 45 minutes before opening. There were already 3 queues, one for guided groups, another for tickets sold online (short queue) and a very long one for people without tickets. Later, with a British punctuality, they opened at 09:30 giving way first to online purchases since they pass directly to the security arch and then to the people who have to go to the box office.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Palace of King Don Pedro

Palace of King Don Pedro

We had studied the map and our mission was to go directly to the Palace of King Don Pedro, although the recommendations indicate starting with Hiring and Assistant Houses, building located on the right as soon as you enter. In fact, everyone followed that path and we resignedly left that part to the end. The most important is the palace.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Patio de las Doncellas

Upon crossing the doors ofPalace of King Don Pedro We saw his greatness. He Courtyard of the Maidens It is wonderful and reminds us a lot of the Alhambra. Too bad that it is only 9:30 in the morning since just a glimmer of light has been reflected on such a monument. Things to look for the photo with hardly any presence.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Alcoba Real

The first photo we had already taken, then more would come. To the right of the Patio de las Doncellas is the Royal Alcove, room to which we went and where the ancient Moorish kings made his bedroom. Next to this room there is a small patio, the Courtyard of the Dolls, named for its small size and because it was supposed to be the place where children played.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Courtyard of the dolls

We return to the courtyard of the Maidens to take a second photograph, just the photo where the background is seen in the background Ambassadors room, where we headed later.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Courtyard of the Maidens

The ambassadors' hall is the most important place in the palace and where the sumptuousness shines on its four sides. Each of the arches of access to the hall are ornamented with an exquisite detail, all accompanied by a Dome in golden tones.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Ambassadors Hall

In total we had half an hour of solitude, and then gave way to the guided groups that came in masses. The tranquility was over and it was time to see the rest of the alcazar.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville

Hiring House

After visiting the Palace of King Don Pedro, we went to courtyard of the Monteria and we begin in the correct order, that is, entering the hiring house.

This place was once used in the sixteenth century to manage all kinds of procedures between Spain and the Americas. However, 200 years later his mission ended and he was transferred to Cádiz.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Admiral's Room

Inside there is a small chapel with a virgin dedicated to navigators where the audience hall used to be. Is aaltarpiece 16th century where in addition to the virgin appear San Sebastian and Santiago, San Telmo and San Juan evangelist.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Chapel of the Virgin of the Navigators

Wizard's House

The name of this house comes because it was built as the residence of the mayor of Seville. Now it really is part of a museum with pieces taken from other parts of the Alcazar.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - House of the assistant

Gothic palace

The day we visited this part of the Alcazar, the Gothic palace was intended for a christmas market. There numerous convents had their stalls to sell the products that the nuns made, such as marzipan and nougat.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville

What we could see was a large room decorated with very old tapestries that may need a restoration.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville

Gardens of the Alcazar

Finishing the visit we move to the Alcazar gardens. These have become very fashionable after the filming of Game of Thrones in the pond of Mercury.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Pond of Mercury

This can be visited from the bottom of the gardens or viewed from above from the Grutesco's gallery, which is accessed by narrow stairs.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Grutesco Gallery

Strolling through the gardens, all surrounded by lush vegetation, we reach the pavilion of Carlos V. A Mudejar style building, all surrounded by tiles.

Visit the Alcazar of Seville - Pavilion of Carlos V

Time was on us and we decided to end the visit. Thing of touring the place with a baby couple. They set the rhythms and we follow them :-D.

The exit of the Alcazar is through the patio of the flags, a place open to the public and from where you have a very beautiful view of the Giralda.

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How much does it cost to visit the Alcazar of Seville?

The price is 9.50€ and if we want to visit the Royal room on the top floor, they are 4.5€ more. If we buy tickets online (recommended), we must pay a fee of 1€ per entry

Tickets to visit the royal room must be booked weeks in advance.

What time does the Alcazar of Seville have?

It opens every day at 09:30 and closes at 17:00 between the months of October and March. The rest of the year closes at 19:00.

How to get?

The main entrance is behind the Indias archive next to Miguel Mañara street.

When to go?

It is best to go first thing in the morning to avoid queues. They are very frequent and almost inevitable. As they open at 9:30, the ideal is to be 30 minutes before and with tickets already purchased online. This way we make sure we can see the palace of King Don Pedro Almost alone.

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