Fresh & Black, the new Decathlon tent

Fresh & Black is the new range of tents from Decathlon, stores that they promise total darkness within them. A few days ago we had the opportunity to try one of them, a store of the 2 Seconds range (time it takes to assemble it), but with a specific isolation that allows you to be as if it were night even during the day.

Decathlon's new tent

We usually travel with a Decathlon tent for two light people, very light. It is ideal for when you make long journeys and the weight is clearly vital, since it weighs about 1kg. However, if you go camping to a campsite you can do a bit small and uncomfortable, since the assembly is not quite simple and the interior is very just. This is when you consider the use of each tent. Some are for high mountains or crossings, that's why space and weight are vital, and others clearly for camping, where the 2 seconds range fits perfectly. Fresh & Black.

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For camping or mountain?

It's clear that the Decathlon tents of the type 2 seconds They are only suitable for campsites or areas where you do not have to transport it on foot. The reason?. The size and weight. That of 2 people, which we have, weighs 3.3 kg and has a diameter of about 71cm. Come on, that this or you carry it in your hand or there is no backpack in the market where you can take it.

Decathlon Fresh & Black Store

Knowing that it is for recreational / camping use, these types of shops are not only comfortable, they are great, since they are very practical and comfortable when assembling and disassembling them.

Fresh & Black - 2 Seconds

According to Decathlon, Fresh & Black technology allows you to extend the night inside the store at any time, even in broad daylight. It seems that it provides 99.9% darkness and up to 17 ° C less in full sun compared to a classic tent. So far the official part, but there is still our experience.

Fresh & Black gives a freshness image, but be careful, if you are in the Spanish summer and the sun goes down, right, you will be in total darkness, but the heat is the heat, and this in a shop at 4 in the afternoon no one is. If I had air conditioning it would be something else, if you don't end up like a fried chicken.

A classic tent clearly lets the sun go by. To give you an idea one light intensity normal, as at 12 in the morning, reaches 100,000lux. A normal tent allows only 4,000 lux to penetrate, but the new Decathlon tent only allows only 2 lux to pass through. Come on, as if you were locked in a room without light or windows.

Decathlon Fresh & Black Store

A part is a tent that supports tropical rain (up to 200mm of water), which is a good option for places like Asturias or Galicia, where it usually rains at night in campsites.

There are models for both 2 and 3 people, and the most expensive are even inflatable, a model that we have not tried and that we have seen the store. They paint well, but weigh beautifully (up to 6 kg).

Our experience with her

The first impression

We have the model for 2 people, a model that amounts to € 79, a store that It is not within the range of cheap from Decathlon. But of course, if there is quality, it is paid, and from what we have seen there is.

I have to say that I am not a lover of wheel-type tents, because I think it's awful and very big, but when you camp next to the car or at a campsite it is when you say, Oh my God! Comfortable like her alone and not lazy or disassemble :).

The assembly of the store

Without reading the instructions, which are sealed to the store cover, we got to work. We remove the cover and the first thing you see is the store surrounded by fasteners so that it does not open alone. The store is provided with a high resistance and torsion fiberglass rods perfectly placed so that when you remove the ropes and fasteners it is mounted practically alone.

Decathlon Fresh & Black Store

By art of Magic The store is ready and all you have to do next is place it and put the picks that come with it. So far as in any 2-second Decathlon model.

The interior of the store is quite spacious, since it is about 120cm wide and 210 long. Has several side pockets and measures about 98 cm tall, so it is quite comfortable. In addition, as in all stores, store two covers, interior and exterior. Where it stands out is the exterior, which inside is like silver and is the one that carries Fresh & Black technology.

Testing Fresh & Black technology

Once mounted curiosity knocked on our door. Would we have absolute darkness? Well, the answer is yes. It is so dark that for those who are afraid of the dark you are going to have to leave one of the sides or the doors open :). If you close it completely it stays practically dark, but if you want some light you have at your sides two windows or even the door. You can open these and just leave a rack so that mosquitoes do not enter.

Decathlon Fresh & Black Store

In the photo you can see the type of material. Aesthetically the store on the outside is quite beautiful and if you then see the interior material, much of it is silver to obtain the darkness that this model so much demands.

Looking at the interior temperature we can say that it is true that the material it carries reduces the temperature in the sun, keeping the interior quite comfortable. That if, as we said before, if you are in the direct sun and it is more than 30 degrees better go to take a cane, than if you will not go out more than warm.


We can say that we had not tried a store with absolute darkness and the truth is a success. Those uncomfortable sunbeams or those neighbors pointing the lantern at the store are over. With the Fresh & Black you won't even find out. Now you decide if you want to try the new technology of Decathlon tents.

Decathlon Fresh & Black Store
Fresh & Black, the new Decathlon tent
Weight and transport
Size (2 people)
Comfort and assembly
Darkness inside her
Material (Rain)
Interior space to store things
Porch or outer space
SummaryA very interesting tent for use in camping or camping areas. 85 %
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