Travelgenio The five best sunsets

There is no guide that does not indicate a place or a trip without a spectacular dusk. Whenever we travel we like to enjoy the best sunsets from each place, to live that moment, to immortalize it in a photograph. Be it the colors or see the sun disappear, the sunsets always remain like a great I remember in our lives. I don't know what they have, but they always keep good times.

The best sunsets

The five best sunsets

We have selected these five sunsets for two reasons. The first is for the moment, because they mean something very personal to us, and the second by their colors, because without them they would lose the grace of everything special moment.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

ElMonte Kilimanjaro is one of the most magical places on this planet. We talk about the highest peak in africa, the cradle of civilization. With their more than 5,800m The clouds are not always able to cover their summit. In return, they create an artificial sea of ​​clouds mixing the colors of the walls of the glaciers, the volcanic rock and sand released by the few intrepid that reach its summit.


2. The beaches of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

On the coast of the Nicaraguan Pacific we have one of the most spectacular beaches in Nicaragua, Coco Beach. It is one of those beaches paradisiacal, with copper-colored and practically virgin sand. In the sunsets of Playa Coco the waves fall smoothly on the shore covering tens of meters, leaving only several centimeters deep to create a spectacular reflection of the sun.

Coco Beach

3. The island of Ibiza, Spain

From Spain we have chosenIbiza with a winter sun, when its beaches are deserted and its charms cleared of tourists. They say that in Comta Creek is the best sunset on the whole island, don't you think so?

Comta Creek

4. The Grand Canyon of the Colorado, United States

They say it is one of the most magical places of this planet Others say there is no better sample of nature than the Colorado Canyon itself. No matter the viewpoint you choose, you will be facing one of the best sunset ofU.S, before a unique place, a place created by the gods.

Grand canyon

5. The Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

There is no desert that evokes such momentshistorical and romantic like the desert of the Wadi Rum. The beauty and magnetism that this place gives off is unique, not only because it is one of the best sunsets, but because of the set of colors that sandstone plays and those moles of granite, something indescribable, something almost titanic.

Wadi rum

How to travel to these places?

Each of these places may be thousands of kilometers apart, but if you want to travel you may need the help of a solvent company to buy tickets to your next destination. After all, a sunrise or a good sunset is priceless. We recommend you visit TravelGenio and compare its rates. You will tell us.