Win a trip to the Himalayas from the hand of the Nissan X-Trail

If you feel like a true adventurer or dream of the adventure, this is your chance. It's time to release your adventurous spirit and win a trip to the Himalayas from the hand of Nissan and the new more adventurous model, the X-TRAIL. Now you have the opportunity to choose to win a fantastic trip to the Himalayas full of adventures. It is very easy, do you dare ?.
Nissan X-Trail

Tips to be a good adventurer

True, many of us have in mind movie adventurers as Indiana Jones, adventurers for inhospitable corners of Africa like Richard F. Burton or the south pole expedition from Ernest Shackleton. But to be adventurous you have to follow a series of rules and advice, rules from which we can learn and above all enjoy. These are the 10 rules and tips Nissan recommends us to be a great adventurer.

What does adventure mean for Travel for free?

The new Nissan X-Trail takes you on an adventure

Do you want to know why the new Nissan X-Trail takes you on an adventure? Let me put on your long teeth and enjoy the following video and guess why.

What to say that if you take the adventure you can consider yourself sexy How do you hear it? A recent survey shows that 79% of adults surveyed think that being adventurous is sexy and attractive. Besides, they themselves think that they lead a happier and, above all, healthier life.

It seems to be essential that people incorporate an element of emotion into their lifestyle, he says Bastien Schupp, vice president of Nissan Europe Marketing. In the end, the most important factor in adventure is fun, and that should be the priority when deciding. The new Nissan X-Trail is aimed at those seeking adventure, and has been designed to do still easier exploration.

Win a trip to the Himalayas!

To participate in this contest you just have to send a selfie by Twitter or Instagram of any of your adventures with the hashtag #XtrailAdventure. Yes, Keep in mind your safety. Not for making the craziest selfie you have to win a trip :). You don't know what an adventure selfie is? Here are a few of Travel for free. Maybe they give you some idea.


Remember: Selfie of an adventure + Twitter or Instagram + #XtrailAdventure

And just by participating you will receive your distinctive adventurer. Stay tuned if you have won! You can participate between September 8 and 30, 2014. Hurry up and win a trip to the Himalayas !!