The Cerrón At the foot of the Hayedo de Montejo

The Cerrón It is a mountain of almost 2200 meters high located at the very feet of the famous Montejo Beech. Shaded by its neighboring peaks, it is an ideal place to walk in solitude without hardly finding any hiker along the way. Coincidentally we climb it with snow, but this does not usually disappear even in the winter months, due to the strong winds that whip it and its isolated character.

The Cerrón At the foot of the Hayedo de Montejo

We are facing what seemed like a scarce snow winter. Several snowfalls had fallen at the beginning of December, but from then until mid-January almost nothing had fallen again. Suddenly the goddess of nature brought several cold fronts to the Iberian Peninsula, bringing snow to virtually all the mountain ranges of Spain, among them the Ayllón mountain range.

This activated our mountain chip and we quickly looked for a mountain where there were few people, since the main sites would be collapsed by people looking for the desired white powder. The chosen destination was the Cerrón, which we had already promoted a few years before.

The route to the Cerrón

Accompanied by the couple, we leave for the Cerrón from the same parking lot of the Montejo Beech, crossing a bridge on Jarama river and changing autonomous community. From Madrid to Castilla la Mancha.

This river marks the delimitation between Madrid and Guadalajara, besides being an insurmountable barrier for Hayedo himself, staying in full extent on the Madrid side.

Route to the Cerrón - Hayedo de Montejo

After crossing the bridge, we take a path that turns to the left, quite narrow that crosses a small stream. From here and in just 200 meters, we turn to the right to take a dirt track, which we use for much of the way. This track communicates with the GR-88, but we will not use it.

Since the routes to the pig They are infrequent, there are no signs to follow a specific path, making the whole trip by hitting the map.

Route to the Cerrón - Hayedo de Montejo

We arrived at a crossroads taking the one that left on the right side. The other went down to him Jarama river and some small cattle houses. It is easy to get confused and it is better to keep it in mind since the other path has no way out.

Trekking in the Cerrón - Hayedo de Montejo

We begin to pass a series of totally ruined houses, with names like Roman's house, at the foot of a bridge, and the Gorrinos houses and of Uncle Augustine. I guess these names have something to do with the history of their former occupants.

Trekking in the Cerrón - Hayedo de Montejo

After a long journey in a straight line, the track finally turned sharply to the right and began to climb the mountain in a gentle zig zag. The snow by now it was beginning to accumulate, making the walk a bit awkward.

Hiking in the Cerrón

This rise, on the west side of the Pig, is known as the Cold Water Hill, perhaps because of the numerous streams that are born there. Too bad the birth of Jarama river I was on the other side, right on the Onion Saw, chaired by the peakThree provinces.

Route through the Cerrón

In fact, this peak would accompany us in a good part of the route, with its image completely covered with snow. Its name as you can imagine is given because its summit is the intersection between the provinces of Madrid, Segovia and Guadalajara, although if we think about it, it could also have been called Three Autonomous Communities.

Route through the Cerrón

After reaching an altitude above 2000 meters, we went out of the way and started offroad in the direction of the Cerrón. There is no path or visible milestones, but it is easy to realize where the highest point is. Be careful in this part since if it is very cold ice sheets are formed that rarely demand the use of crampons.

Ascension to the Cerrón - Guadalajara

And finally we did top in the pig, after just over 11 kilometers traveled. The views are magnificent, starting with thePico del Lobo in its southern slope, the Sierra de la Hiruela and Rincon and further down the Ocejón.

The wind was very strong and as you can see it does not help to get a smile. It's time to look for shelter to enjoy a well-deserved meal.

Cumbre del Cerrón - Sierra de Ayllón

From here we have to follow the mountain ridge to see a dirt track, which in this case was covered with snow, but could be easily located. From there we take it for 1 kilometer until we reach a new intersection, taking the road on the right side barely visible. There are milestones, so stay tuned.

If we had continued straight we would end up at the summit of Santuy of 1930 meters and later in the town of The Cardoso de la Sierra. Having deviated a few kilometers from the parking lot of the Montejo Beech.

Ayllón mountain range

Taking the right path and after several kilometers of descent, we will join the path we take at the beginning of the route and after 2 kilometers we will arrive from the new one to the parking lot Montejo Beech.

Practical data

When to go?

The Cerrón It is of those mountains that acquire a special touch in the most temperate or cold times. The summer should be ignored by the lack of shade, given that there are other summits around the shadows and perhaps more beautiful as the Pico del Lobo, but it is always an option to consider.

How to get?

We have to go to the town of Montejo de la Sierra, in the Sierra Norte de Madrid. From there take the detour to the port of El Cardoso until you reach the doors of Montejo Beech, where there is a recreational area and a small parking lot where we will leave the car.

This parking lot is usually filled on weekends, finishing many cars on the sides of the road with their corresponding fines. Virtually nobody goes to the Cerrón, because all these vehicles are of people visiting the beech forest.

What to wear

To do it route to the pig, we must take into account that there is water throughout the journey, no shelter with a covered roof and there is no signaling, so it is advisable to bring a Map. The rest of the elements are common sense, such as a windbreaker, warm clothes, leggings on some occasions, sunscreen, gloves + hat, sunglasses, food because the route is very long, ..., etc.

Where to stay?

Our recommendation is to use one of the many rural houses that exist inLa Hiruela or in the Horcajuelo.

Can we enter the Hayedo de Montejo?

No, since the entrance to the Hayedo is under previous reservation. Reservations are made here.