The most spectacular meander, the horseshoe bend (horseshoe bend)

The most spectacular meander fromArizona and probably of the U.S is the HorseShoe Bend or horseshoe curve. Named for the horse shoe shape that it has, it is simply perfect and what is better, it does not take any aerial means to observe it, just walk 1 kilometer to a viewpoint and we will have before us one of the best views that we We could have imagined.
The most spectacular meander, the horseshoe bend (horseshoe bend)

The most spectacular meander

Again we travel to the United States in a somewhat hot month such as August and even more when we step on southern states like Arizona or Utah, where the scorching heat reigns in much of its territory. Despite this inconvenience, we decided to visit certain places where high temperatures will try not to enjoy the beautiful landscapes where drinking water, sunscreen and covering your head is almost a religion although many try not to practice it.
The most spectacular meander, the horseshoe bend (horseshoe bend)

Horseshoe blend or horseshoe curve

We start from the town of Page, very close to Lake Powell where we take south direction with the Colorado River on our right side. 6 kilometers later we will find the parking of Horseshoe blend, which we found tourist load like us. It's 10:15 in the morning and it was already quite hot. This hour was perfect for several reasons. One because the temperature was not yet excessively high and another because the sun began to enter through the canyon and we would not find it in the shade. This means that who gets up early God helps ... it would not work in this case.
The most spectacular meander, the horseshoe bend (horseshoe bend) Beforehand and just get out of the car we are warned that we are in a desert where you must carry plenty of water, a cap, sunscreen, sunglasses and never sandals ... . Hard but certain indications that many people overlooked. The truth is that the route is short, very short, you just climb a ramp loaded with sand that does not facilitate its climb and once up, where there is a stop to rest with shade (a gift), the road begins to descend to the very viewpoint. However, we should not underestimate its limited difficulty because heat stroke is the order of the day, especially in younger children.
The most spectacular meander, the curve of the horseshoe (horseshoe bend) Once in the viewpoint one is amazed at the height of the Glen canyon and the perfect meander that has crossed the Colorado River. For something it is the most spectacular meander I've seen in my life. we are over 1300 meters high and the Colorado River It is almost 400 meters below our feet.
The most spectacular meander, the horseshoe bend (horseshoe bend) There is not much else to do here, just move to the right or left to take the pictures you need and from here take the same path from the beginning, with the problem that we will have to climb again the long ramp that we use to go down to the viewpoint. It is here that the adventurers who brought little water begin to pay it well.
The most spectacular meander, the horseshoe bend (horseshoe bend)

After returning to the parking lot we thought that the curve of the horseshoe had become short and we looked for some other place to take a good view of the Glen Canyon. With the message under our arm we return to Page in the direction of the Glen Canyon Dam, the dam that has formed Lake Powell. Well, just 500 meters from the dam we see a sign that says “Scenic Overlook"And as crazy we take that detour until we reach this magnificent viewpoint.

The most spectacular meander, the horseshoe bend (horseshoe bend) Perfect place to end this little excursion and head to one of the most emblematic places in Arizona, the Anteilope Canyon.

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Practical data

Before leaving for the United States

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  • Airport Transfers
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  • The best excursions in the United States

When to go?

If we could choose we would go in Spring or Autumn, without a doubt the best dates to visit it. In summer it is very hot so it is recommended to visit it in the morning, preferably between 10:00 and 11:00 since before the canyon is in shadow.

How to get?

Take road from Page in the direction of the Grand Canyon. 6 kilometers later we will arrive at the detour where there is an unmistakable parking lot due to the large number of cars.

Flights to the United States

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How much?

Nothing. Simply what you spend on fuel and water.

What to wear

We have commented on multiple occasions. The place is very hot during the months of July and August. This means that we will have to carry large amounts of water, sun protection and something that covers our heads. Many people choose to carry a simple bottle in hand for the short tour which is a mistake.

How to move

Without a doubt, the best way to get around is by car, since the points are very far apart and public transport is very scarce. We leave you a link with car rental discounts.

Where to sleep

The best thing about this area of ​​the United States is that you can find large hotels, with several beds, at really interesting prices.

  • Super 8. Typical roadside motel to live an adventure.
  • Motel 6. More motels is war
  • Travelodge Page. A classic of this chain.
  • Holiday Inn Express A good option and at a good price.

Recommended nearby excursions

It is an area where there are great places where you go. We recommend the following:

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