What to visit in St. Petersburg in 4 days

St. Petersburg is one of those cities that have a history that captivates. Its recent past, very altered and emotional by the Second World War is almost unreal, It happens since the ostentation of the tsars that have made this city into one of the most visited in all of Russia Unfortunately aMoscú next to and blocking during WWII. No wonder we are fascinated by this city ​​for its beauty, after all the momentum of a czar like Pedro I the Great, he was able to attract the best engineers and artisans from half a continent to build a city, capital at that time, with the clear objective of being the door to Europe.

St. Petersburg in 4 days

Don't go without reading some history

Going to St. Petersburg if having read some history before is a sacrilege.Petrograd or Leningrad were their other names, besides being the capital of Russia at the time of the tsars. St. Petersburg has also been one of the cities that suffered most laSegunda World War, due to the famosoSitio Leningrad, which killed more than one million people because of the cold and hunger, famine occurred acts of cannibalism. The siege lasted almost 900 days between 1941 and 1944.

St. Petersburg - Artillery Museum

Much of the city was damaged by incessant city ​​bombingsIt even burned more than one palace, so it is worth knowing both the before and after of this city before leaving.

Another episode is what happened in the Peter and Paul Fortress, where many political prisoners were tortured and killed. People can still be seen crying next to cells and tourists for the events that occurred during the Stalin era.

Our itinerary

To visit the city of St. Petersburg in 4 days you have to know before leaving that the city is huge, very large. It is a city to walk, yes, but many of the places to visit, such as Palaces of Peterhof or Pushkin, are on the outskirts, tens of kilometers away.

St. Petersburg - Pushkin
St. Petersburg at night

Much of our tour we did on foot, four days go a long way, except the visit to the Peterhof Palace that we did in ship, it's worth it, and in bus the dePushkin as it is to the south of San Petersburg.

These are the places to visit in St. Petersburg in 4 days:

  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
  • The Field of Mars and the Summer Garden
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Kazan Cathedral
  • State Hermitage Museum / Winter Palace
  • Artillery museum
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Peterhof Palace
  • Yusupov Palace
  • Pushkin Palace
  • Alexander Nevsky Monastery
  • Volkovo Cemetery

TIP: As in Moscow, it is convenient to learn or write down many words in Cyrillic alphabet, to know at all times where you are beyond a photo

Map of the places we visited

Map of St. Petersburg

What to visit in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city to enjoy slowly, slowly. Maybe four days we will crave fair, one week would be perfect, but when you have few days you have to adjust the itinerary. We were only those days, but four days that made us see things like the experience that we tell you next.

DAY 1. Between St. Petersburg and the Neva River impressive

  • Arrival from Moscow
  • Church of the Savior
  • Field of Mars and the Summer Garden
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Kazan Cathedral

Day 1 in St. Petersburg

The first day was the one that arrived from Moscow by train traveling at night. It was so comfortable, since we slept in beds, that when we arrived in St. Petersburg in the morning we had strength as if we had not traveled. It was 8 in the morning when the train arrived at the station Moskovskiy Vokzal. As it was soon and the bags we were carrying were comfortable, we decided to walk to the hotel, which is located not far from the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. We strolled through one of the most commercial avenues, Nevski AvenueUntil you reach the hotel and check-in. The walk already made us know a little of St. Petersburg and not only that, we created a bit of anxiety since from the beginning we saw very interesting things.

St. Petersburg - Resting on the river Neva
St. Petersburg - A wedding on the Neva River

Having the full day we went to see four of the closest points, one of them on the other side of the Neva river, a long walk that was really worth it. By the way, several of them, due to their proximity, the same several times during the three or four days we were in St. Petersburg.

1 Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

For us it is possibly one of the most beautiful churches in the world, even above the St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. They call it in various ways, from the Church of the resurrection of Christ to El Salvador on the blood, but we are content to call it the Church of the Savior.

St. Petersburg - Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
St. Petersburg - Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

The church is spectacular both day and night. We are very clear that this city ​​icon You will visit it several times to admire its exterior. We recommend that you go through the ticket office before even if you do not go to visit it, especially in the early hours, to buy tickets and choose the time you want to visit, if you do not have to wait long lines and if you have bad luck, cross a cruise that has reached the port.

By the way, we ate very well in front, which is not cheap, for about € 53 two people.

  • You can buy tickets 30min before
  • Price of admission: 250 rubles

2 The Field of Mars and the Summer Garden

On the way to the Peter and Paul Fortress we cross the Field of Mars and the Summer Garden, two different spaces but very close to each other. The Field of Mars is a very open space, where children play on the grass and in summer people go to sunbathe.

St. Petersburg - Field of Mars
St. Petersburg - Field of Mars

After the Field of Mars appears the Summer Garden, a more enclosed space full of fountains, statues and tourists on all sides. From what we saw this garden is the oldest in the city, imitating and saving distances in the style of Versailles in Paris. It is small and easily traveled. For the vegetation that we saw the autumn should be its best time. We saw it in summer, but still found a very nice garden.

St. Petersburg - Summer Garden
St. Petersburg - Summer Garden
  • In April it is closed. Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. from May to September. The rest of the months until 8pm
  • Price of admission: free

3 Peter and Paul Fortress

This fortress is one of the most visited points of the city and a perfect place to go in the sunset, since there is a beach next to it ideal to lie down and see how little by little St. Petersburg is changing color.

Inside the fortress there is the cathedral of the same name, with a impressive tower from where you can see almost all of St. Petersburg. The views are not spectacular, but at least you can see much of the city. What we liked about this place was both dungeon zone, where you see the most drink that the Russian people spent both in WWII and in the cold war, as well as the gardens and the views of the Neva River.

Peter and Paul fortress next to the Neva river
Interior of the Peter and Paul Fortress

In these dungeons were tortured during the twentieth century contrary to the regime people, people not very distant today, as one of the cells saw people mourn their ancestors, possibly his father or grandfather, so the barbarism that happened here we are not far away.

Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter and Paul Fortress

The Fortress apart from prison was a fortress in its origins, and is one of the key places in the city to be able to deepen and know its history.

  • Price of admission: 380 rubles

4 Kazan Cathedral

Although it is not the prettiest and apart, we saw it in works, we saw the Kazan Cathedral. Is aoptional visit If you give time the first day. The cathedral is next to Nevsky Avenue and from it we highlight its imposing columns and the central dome, visible from several points of the city.

St. Petersburg - Kazan Cathedral

DAY 2. A day of museums

Of the four days we were in the city, we only had one that rained us, the second, so we decided to dedicate the day to visiting museums. The first we saw was the Hermitage, the largest and one of the best museums in the world. Once the museum is seen, we cross the Neva River through one of its bridges to see the Fortress from the west side of the city. Just behind this we saw the Artillery Museum, which although it was not in our planning we entered, since it caught our attention all the warlike deployment What was at your door. We saw it in an hour, and before it closed the St. Isaac's Cathedral we retraced our steps to see this jewel of St. Petersburg.

  • State Hermitage Museum
  • Artillery museum
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral

Day 2 in St. Petersburg

5 State Hermitage Museum / Winter Palace

There are plenty of words for this museum. Not only for the place where it is, the Winter Palace, but for the works it houses. Inside you can find works DeLeonardo Da Vinci and Murillo. Works half the world vying to museums like elPrado in Madrid.

St. Petersburg - Winter Palace / Hermitage
St. Petersburg - Winter Palace / Hermitage

The Hermitage is so big that it takes at least 3 or 4 hours to see the museum, so an entire morning, if you like museums, it would go to the Hermitage.

By the way, at night they illuminate it and curiously there are hardly any people, something strange, since this city at night has a beautiful lighting.

St. Petersburg - Hermitage
St. Petersburg - Hermitage

TIP: By the way, Don't queue!, wait for the automatic ticket booths to open, they are at the entrance on the sides, and buy the tickets at the ATMs. Almost nobody realizes queues and wait more than an hour. Then with the previously purchased tickets you approach the queues of prior reservation or since they have the ticket purchased

About the museum

  • Schedule. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Download the museum's app, it's worth it
  • Price of admission: 600 rubles

6 Artillery Museum

It was not in our plans and there is hardly any talk about him, but as he passed through his door and saw all the warlike deployment that there we entered the bug to meet the old U.R.S.S. The entrance is impressive and the interior, although small, houses so much history that we take a pleasant memory of him.

St. Petersburg - Artillery Museum

He museum exterior is free. There you can see from tanks, missile launches and all kinds of military vehicles

About the museum

  • Schedule. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Price of admission: 400 rubles + 150 rubles per camera

7 St. Isaac's Cathedral

With its 43 meters high and its 262 steps, Isaac's Cathedral is one of the best viewpoints in the city. From the beginning it was in our plans, and upon returning from the Artillery Museum we decided to visit the cathedral. On the way to the cathedral we pass again through the Hermitage and walk next to the Admiralty, an impressive building that illuminate it with some beauty at night.

The Admiralty

From the inside of the cathedral we saw little, it was closed, but we could access the long staircase to climb the dome and be able to see much of the city. An experience!.

St. Isaac's Cathedral

About the cathedral

  • Schedule. 18h 10:30
  • Price of admission:. 250 rubles

DAY 3. Our first day of palaces

The third day was one of the biggest. Earlier we took a boat heading to Peterhof Palace, one of the most spectacular palaces we've seen in our lives. We spent almost the morning walking through its gardens and enjoying the radiant fountains that this ostentatious palace has. From there we returned to the city center and walked until we reached the Yusupov Palace, much smaller but with a secret hidden inside, the death of the known Rasputin.

  • Peterhof Palace
  • Yusupov Palace

8 Peterhof Palace

It is certainly one of the best gardens and palaces you can find in the world. It is incredible what the czars could do at that time, since everything is luxury and nonsense. The input from the jetty It is a festival for the senses, with the Big Palace in the background and the golden statues presiding over a huge waterfall.

St. Petersburg - Peterhof

More information

  • Schedule. 10 to 19h
  • Price of admission. 500 rubles entrance to gardens + 550 rubles Palacio Grande
  • You can find more information in our article on the Peterhof Palace

9 Yusupov Palace

In the middle of St. Petersburg we have the Palace Yusopov, one of the final culmination of our penultimate day in the city. In it we could listen not only to live music, but to see the magnificent theater, somewhat tiny, where the nobles enjoyed leisure.

Yusupov Palace

Day 4. The last day

Our last day in St. Petersburg was visiting the other great palace of the city, the Catherine or Pushkin Palace. We liked it almost more than Peterhof's, especially because of the lake and the reflections. We saw him in one morning and as we had all afternoon before catching the early morning flight to Madrid we went to visit the Volkovo Cemetery to see the graves of the great Russian writers and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, Little visited and much quieter than the monuments next to the Neva River.

  • Pushkin Palace
  • Alejandro Nevski Monastery
  • Volkovo Cemetery

Day 4 in St. Petersburg

10 Palace Pushkin

Pushkin Palace or the Catherine Palace hides one of the most famous unsolved mysteries of the twentieth century, the disappearance of the Chamber of Ambar. Both the gardens and the palace are spectacular. Will be far from the city, but it is well worth it to enjoy it.

Catherine Palace
Catherine Palace

More information

  • You can find more information in our article about the Catherine Palace or Pushkin.

11 Alexander Nevski Monastery

To the east of the city is the Alexander Nevski Monastery, one of our last stops in St. Petersburg. We had little to enjoy Russia, and with the time we decided to visit the less frequented places For the tourists.

This monastery, already far from the center, has corners away from time and bustle as if they were not with them. Next to it there is a small solitary-looking cemetery and a garden full of vines.

Alexander Nevsky Monastery
Alexander Nevsky Monastery

12 Volkovo Cemetery

One of the last places we saw in Russia and St. Petersburg was the Volkovo Cemetery, a tiny cemetery where the remains of great illustrious Mother Russia. It was nice to go through it, as it looks like a forest full of statues dedicated to the great cultural past of this country.

St. Petersburg - Volkovo Cemetery
  • Price of admission: 50 rubles

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Practical data

How to get?

We describe all the details in our article about traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Tours in Spanish (and don't wait in line)

If you do not want to wait in line and also, you want to book your visits to St. Petersburg in advance, we recommend you see the following tours.

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When to go to St. Petersburg?

The best time to visit the city is summer, since you can walk freely without snow, in short sleeves and all spaces are open until late at night. Winter is very hard, it freezes to the Neva river, and the city changes a lot, but of course, as in many cities in Europe, seeing it in winter or summer is like seeing two totally different cities. Which is better?. If you like snow and its landscapes clearly the first, if you are a lover of heat and long walks, summer.

The tour we did was in summer, something impossible to do in winter. The weather does not help.

How to save money?.

In St. Petersburg there is a card called St. Petersburg Card that can save you a lot of money. For about 3,500 rubles, 3 days, or 4,500 rubles four days, you can access many palaces, museums and even transportation, for example, the entrance to Peterhof and a one-way boat ride to this wonderful palace.

Where to eat?

The center of St. Petersburg is not a cheap place to eat unlike Moscow. Besides, hayrestaurantes not as nice as in Moscow, but if you stand back from the main streets and around the Hermitage can find interesting sites like elClean Plates Society or elApka Bar & Grill, the latter with a Bloody mary sensational.

Where to sleep in St. Petersburg?

Here we leave you the best options that you can find on pages such as Booking or Tripadvisor among others:

  • Apartments on Italyanskaya. from € 70 per night
  • Mesto Hotel. Small and romantic from € 60 a night
  • Stony Island Hotel at Lomonosova. The decoration is exquisite, decorated in stone. From € 60
  • Hotel Club Chao Mama. Apartments with terrace with modern decor. From € 90
  • The 5th floor hotel. one of the most beautiful and best in the city. From € 47
  • Forem Apartments, apartments overlooking the church of spilled blood. from € 70 per night

The weather in St. Petersburg

This is the weather today in St. Petersburg.

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