How much does it cost to travel to Iceland? Our experience

Today we are going to try to reveal the million dollar question, How much does it cost to travel to Iceland. Everyone knows thatIceland It is not famous for being precisely cheap, especially if we are not very small and we like to take our vacation amenities. Iceland is made to live from nature and its most optimal means is to use a tent or even a caravan. Still we have all the options, only that our pocket may resent too much if we do not keep an eye on where we are staying.


But ... how much does it cost to travel to Iceland?

Let's try to make it easy, breaking down each part with the most important points that our way of seeing seems to us. How much does it cost to travel to Iceland It will depend on many factors and as in other countries, the rush of reservations is very important, and here they are key if we really want to sleep in a hotel and with a rental car. Cars being an island are really limited and with the passage of time, reservations are running out and prices at the same time skyrocketing. Anyway, we will always have the magnificent option of taking a bus, moving at our own pace and of course, sleeping under the tarp of a tent.

As initial advice, do not take money from an ATM and do not change it either. Iceland's currency, the Icelandic crown is barely used and everyone pays with credit card. In fact, gasoline by law can only be paid by card ... However the value of the coin is at 139.5 ISK For every euro.

1 Transportation (plane, bus, car and motorhome)

Iceland is not reached on foot and we will have no choice but to take a plane as the first means of transport, although it is true, from countries like Denmark There are ships that reach the island after a journey of several days. We are Belgians doing this tour with a Golf of the 80s, everything goes as long as you fulfill your dreams.

Flights to Iceland

Nobody has said that flying to Iceland is cheap, but if we do it well in advance the thing changes. Since the summer season is relatively short and most tourism is concentrated in July and August, prices skyrocket in those two months. Even so, if we do it months in advance we can find relatively affordable flights.

How much does it cost to travel to Iceland

The following costs are approximate and always thinking ofsummer.

  • Icelandair: from Madrid and Barcelona from 500€. Possibly the most comfortable company of all
  • Vueling: from Barcelona by 300€
  • Wowair : since Alicante and Barcelona for 100€
  • Air Berlin with stopover in Dusseldorf from 300/350€

With the Skyscanner search engine you can compare prices, since you can see alternatives such as hundreds of companies. For example, it is sometimes better to take the alternative of traveling from Madrid to London and of London to Reykjavik, which fly directly from Spain. Although it may seem incredible, it can be much cheaper.

Not all companies have direct flights in summer, as is the case of Icelandair. Nevertheless get off at Alicante by train and take the plane from there it goes very well

Reykjavík International Airport

From the airport of Reykjavík until the central station (BSI Terminal) has an approximate cost of 2200/2500 ISK bus cost with Flybus. Approximately 600 ISK more if you want to be left at the door of the Hotel. This is something that you might have to take into account in case the hotel is not accessible walking or by public transport from the terminal. The cost of taxis is prohibitive.

Iceland buses

Through Iceland we can move to almost all parts by bus, although personally I think the best option is the rental car if our pocket allows. With the bus there are numerous routes and the most frequent we will now number them:
  • Reykjavík - Selfoss - Seljalandsfoss - Vik (lines 21 / 21A): making several stops at other locations. 2 daily
  • Reykjavík - Selfoss - Seljalandsfoss - Vik - Skateboard (lines 20 / 20A): making several stops at other locations. 1 daily leaving early.
  • Reykjavík - Gullfoss (lines 6 / 6A): one of the most used when making part of the famous golden triangle. It usually leaves at 10:00 AM and returns at 4:00 PM. 1 daily
  • Seljalandsfoss - Þórsmörk (lines 9 / 9A): fundamental if we want to return from the Lamannalaugar. 3 newspapers to connect with buses to the capital (08:00 AM, 16:00 PM, 19:30 PM).
  • Reykjavík - Myvath (lines 17 / 17A): open only in summer. From here we can take the line 650 / 650A to go to Hussvik, the best place for whale watching in Iceland. 1 daily leaving early.Iceland by car

How much does it cost to travel to Iceland

Beyond SkateftafellIf we wish to continue traveling along the South Coast, we must take other buses from this same enclave.

  • Skaftafell - Jökulsárlón (line 15): essential route if we want to visit the most famous lake in the country. 1 daily
  • SkateftafellHöfn (line 19): beyond Jökulsárlón and if we want to continue to the fjords or continue north, we will have to make a mandatory stop in this city and from here continue heading to Myvath, through the line 62 / 62a.
The cost of the trips varies but it is best to buy a voucher that gives you a free way through a specific area of ​​Iceland. The best known is the Circle passport, going around the Island and going through the main points. The approximate cost is 42,000 ISK. You can use it as many times as you want, but don't forget to reserve the time you take the bus. However, if you only have time to visit the south of the island, the ideal is to buy the Beautiful south passport at a cost of ISK 24,500.

To all this we should add additional costs if we load a bicycle on the bus. This costs 3500 ISK by route

Motorhomes or rental cars

As you advance a small tip. Although you find great deals for € 45 dayThey are usually small cars, with insurance and fair mileage. They can be perfect to do the ring road, but from there to go out on a dirt road with them careful. It is true that many dirt tracks are in good condition, but by statistics, almost half of the Iceland rental cars They return with a crack in the front glass that does not cover the insurance. It is also common to have wind damage ... there are people who do not realize that we can find winds of 100km / h and if we open the door of the vehicle, it is goodbye ... Finally, something offered by the agencies in recent years, is the ashes insurance... If you get a volcanic eruption and the car stops ... you know that without this insurance you will walk back and pay for the many damages.

In the end as you see it is a sum and it follows that each one will have to value it personally. You can see our article Iceland in Motorhome or by rental car where we explain it in more detail.

We leave you a link of one of the best rental car comparators where you can find good prices.

2 Accommodation in Iceland

There are three main accommodation options in Iceland. The first and most economical is the campsite, which we can do for free or directly at a campsite. The second is the motorhome and the third hotels / lodges, the latter quite full during the summer. However, there are more options that we will discuss below.
Laugavegurinn stage 4, Emstrur (Botnar) - Þórsmörk


The cost of the campsite will depend on the services included. Usually round the 450ISK-900ISK per person and night, with few free campsites. However, the free camping is allowed in Iceland as long as you don't bother anyone and do it fairly far from civilization.
How much does it cost to travel to Iceland

His law states the following:Camping with no more than three tents is allowed on uncultivated ground for a single night, unless the landowner has posted a notice to the contrary. However, campers should always use designated campsites where they do exist. Do not camp close to farms without permission. If a group of more than three tents is involved, these campers must seek permission from the landowner before setting up camp outside marked campsite areas“.

That is, no camping on farms, no more than 3 tents and no more than one night

In hotels with sleeping bags

Although little by little it goes extinct, many hotels leave common areas so that one can sleep with his sleeping bag, saving a 50% of the cost of the room. However, this practice is slowly disappearing.
In Landmannalaugar

Farm stay (the best option)

Perhaps it is the closest thing to what we know as a rural house or Bed & Breakfast This network of establishments offers bed and breakfast for a network of farms throughout the country with a lower price than a hotel. Its cost is around 12,500ISK to 20,000ISK per night, and are usually only accessible by car.

Laugavegurinn stage 3, Álftavatn - Emstrur (Botnar)

Hotels, scarce and expensive

In some areas scarcer than one may think and almost always full in summer. If you do not book in advance you run the risk of being homeless. Costs usually start at 8300ISK, but this is only a mirage and it is more than likely that you will only find from the 12,500ISK. We leave you a list of hotels to give you an idea.
  • Hotel Örk: one of the most elegant options in the area, with large capacity and with private pool.
  • Varmi Guesthouse: apartments with kitchen, internet and breakfast included.
  • Iceland's Guesthouse: one of the "economic" options in the area and with a very good presence.
  • Hunkubakkar Guesthouse: the closest hotel to the canyon. Comfortable cabins with breakfast included.
  • Hotel Skaftafell: large capacity hotel used mainly by large groups.
  • Hof 1 Hotel: comfortable hotel with SPA, restaurant and wifi in the rooms.

Hostels, but booking in advance

The most traditional way to save money and have a roof. Its approximate cost is from 5000ISK from now on, always in shared rooms and generally without a bathroom. Better book early, they fill up fast.

3 Eat in Iceland. Restaurants and supermarkets

Food usually in Iceland is expensive. For example a beer goes out to cost between 800 / 1000ISK. A pizza as a means to pull “cheap” food costs between 1200 / 2500ISK, depending on the place. Anyway we leave below various prices that we were finding on our last trip.
Buying in a Bonus
  • Loaf of bread : 250ISK
  • Pasta (half a kilo): 250ISK
  • Cereals: 500ISK
  • Cheese : 1200ISK
  • York ham: 620ISK
  • Main course in restaurant: 3000 / 4000ISK
  • Coffee : 500ISK
  • Kilo of apples: 400 / 500ISK
We did a lot of shopping in the supermarket and the cheapest of all was a chain called Bonus. By the way, forget about looking for a Mcdonalds Because they don't exist in the country.

4 Low cost travel budget

Let's start from the base we want to stay 8 days for Iceland Spending as little as possible and whenever we like camping most of the time. For this we estimate that at least a couple of days we will spend them in a Hotel to give us a luxury and the rest of the days under the canvas of a tent, except for 1 day that we will spend in Shelter in case of bad weather. 8 days the ideal is to look only in the south of Iceland and from there draw an itinerary with the routes where you can leave a bus. With all this, the budget would be as follows:
  • Airport transportation: 5,000 ISK
  • 2 hotel stays: 25,000 ISK
  • 1 stay in hostel: 5,000 ISK
  • 5 nights camping: 2,500 ISK
  • South Island transport with bonus: ISK 24,500
  • Plane + train from Alicante: € 300
  • Meal per day: € 25 x 8 = € 200
  • TOTAL: 62,000 ISK (€ 949)

Of course, this budget can be lowered or even higher. Keep in mind that Hotel accommodations are for two people and the food is based on that one goes from Supermarket, so with just once you feast on a restaurant, things can change a lot.

And that you have not realized that we do not include the currency exchange rates... Simply because it is not necessary even if the currency is different. In all places credit cards are accepted and the currency is in danger of becoming extinct. In fact, it is more than likely that it is the first European country to eliminate payment in cash.

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