Hiking through the Pinares de Rodeno (Sierra de Albarracín)

How difficult it is to resist the landscapes of Autumn, with those reddish colors and the fall of the leaves. After the classic Spanish summer that almost always leaves us, all dry, the return of a greener landscape makes us want to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of the Spanish forest, as is the case with Protected landscape of the Pinares de Rodeno, next to Albarracín, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, if not the one that most.


Pine forests of Rodeno

The old town is located on the slopes of a mountain, surrounded almost entirely by the Guadalaviar river. To the north is the Sierra de Albarracín and to the south the Universal Mountains. Part of its municipal term is occupied by the Protected Landscape of the Pinares de Rodeno, especially outside the old part, The Arrabal. This forest of infinite pines occupies an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 6,829 hectares in the province of Teruel, Aragon and there it is possible to find wildlife such as deer, foxes, squirrels and wild boars.


The route begins in the area called the Arrabal neighborhood, the new part of Albarracín, right next to the camping entrance. The beginning is by a narrow road always leaving behind a beautiful view of the town of Albarracín tucked into the mountains and protected by an imposing 16th century wall. Shortly after you have to turn right on a rock path, a bit slippery if it rains, as you go from stepping on land to climb a small slope of no more than 100m on polished rock.

Pine forests of Rodeno

At the end of this section begins a simple walk along a wide path where hunters can circulate with their 4 × 4. In this part of the forest it is very common to see the rodeo pine, of medium height and with a crust not more reddish than usual. Besides, the landscape is full of bushes like juniper and ruscos. From here begins a succession of caves and huge rocks where it is possible to admire one of the most important samples of the rock art of Teruel, where they stand out:

  • Coat of the Navazo Hunters. Discovered in 1974, they represent several figures such as a tree, an armed man and another with a kneeling position. The most interesting is the one located at the far right, where the representation of a halberd appears in horizontal arrangement, with the triangular blade.

Coat of the Navazo Hunters
  • Coat of the Lazarus. Discovered by a neighbor of Albarracín in 1986, it shows two scenes, one with two archers and another with an archer with flexed legs facing an animal.
  • Coat of the Bulls of the Prado del Navazo. The first news you have goes back to 1892 and is one of the most important in the area. In a mural of about 4m, up to 19 shapes, 9 bovids, an equid, 4 quadrupeds and up to 5 human figures are represented.

Coat of the Bulls of the Prado del Navazo
  • Uncle Campano's Coat. It was discovered in 1981 and stands out for the figure of a horse in a possible domestication scene, since the horse is attached to a stick or a rope by the snout.
  • Cabrerizo Fountain Coat. You have news of these two prints since 1910, two prints that show a deer and an equid.

It is not that they are the best Spanish rock art, they are not the best preserved, but not every day it is possible to make a route seeing rock art.

Once you have seen the rock art, without looking for much, during the Fall it is possible to collect mushrooms and chanterelles, a delicacy that you cannot resist.

Pine forests of Rodeno

At the end of the tour there is a viewpoint over an imposing ravine with a meandering stream. This is the end of the tour, since shortly after it ends up reaching some fields and one of the center of Dinópolis, it has no loss, you will see on the facade of the building an impressive dinosaur of real size and in the background, like the beginning, the silhouette of Albarracín.

If you go to Madrid, stop at Molina de Aragón, its walls are worth it, but today we will not talk about them, simply because it is another trip and it is another story. Javier Blanquer

Practical data

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