U.S. The best amusement parks in Orlando

The United States is also famous for hosting the best amusement parks in the world, and in particular the best are located in Florida next to the city of Orlando. We've all heard of the magic of Disney World or the spectacular Universal theme parks, mainly dedicated to its main blockbusters. Today in Travel for free we will review the best amusement parks in Orlando.

Disney's Magic Kingdom

The advantage of stopping at a destination like Florida

It is true that flying to the United States is a nuisance in the face of all the controls that you have to pass, but nowadays from Spain or from several points in Europe you have to go through Miami to travel to certain countries of Central America. If you go through Miami you have the good option of being able to make a two day stop visiting some of the best amusement parks in Orlando, as we did just around our trip to Nicaragua.


Two day stop ?. Many airlines allow you to make a stop or startover by stopping at one point and returning to the flight several days later for the same cost or for a little more, an option that is worth it if the stop is a desirable destination. We recommend it!

The best amusement parks in Orlando

Now it's time to see a selection of the best parks. We could see especially the most classic, Disney's Magic Kingdom, but that does not mean that it is the best park. Let's see our selection.

Disney's Magic Kingdom

With the one in California they are the most famous Disney parks. It was opened in 1971 and although it is already old, it is still a very fun and fantasy park. One thing must be clear before visiting this park, it is aimed primarily at public more childish, so you will not find any attraction that generates adrenaline. The entire park is decorated in the most Disney style, with many events during the day and Hollywood-style staging.

If you decide to visit it, do not hesitate to ride the Space mountain, one of our favorite attractions. Is it because it is a classic?


It is the second park of Disney from Florida, a park dedicated to the innovation, to the future and to many countries. For many it is more interesting than Magic Kingdom, since the attractions seem to be better made and above all, they are focused for an audience that is looking for more sensations.

One of the best attractions is Track Test, where you will pass all the tests that undergo a car, such as acceleration, braking, etc ... It is worth the queue to be done to test it.

A tip for this park, beware the parking, it's huge!!. Memorize well where you park the car, since it is common to forget where you leave it ...

Epcot Map

Disney's Animal Kingdom

This is an authentic theme park - safari, where you combine the best of a zoo with the disney effect with varied landscapes and impressive structures. If you are an animal lover, this is your park without a doubt.

Universal Studios Florida

The best of Hollywood in one of the classics of Orlando. It is fantastic to see recreations of movies like Shrek, E.T, Shark or Terminator. It is a park to dream for those who enjoy movies from the 80s and 90s.

SeaWorld Orlando

It is the best theme park dedicated to water. If you do not wear a swimsuit, you are nobody in this park, where it gathers a multitude of shows with killer whales or dolphins, with a multitude of slides, roller coasters that brush the water. One of the most spectacular attractions is one that passes under a pool where the killer whales are almost saluting.


The best way to get around Orlando It is by car. Car rental in Orlando is cheaper than one thinks, especially for the euro-dollar exchange. Although many of the parks are very close to each other, moving at the end is not so easy, anyway in the hotels themselves there is a coach service to each park and even early ticket sales, where sometimes it is possible to get some discount, especially if you decide to visit more than two or three parks.